Today is the Melodifestivalen Day!-Results as they come in!

Around 4 pm we should know which songs are going to battle it out at Sweden's Melodifestivalen. To those who don't know, the competition often comes up with better acts and songs than Eurovision so as years go by its getting more and more popular. Rumour has it some of DontStopthePop's favourite acts are "involved" this year so fingers crossed to you all! I will be holding my breath!

As of typing (its being read out now!)

Alexander Bard has a song called Lay Your Love On Me (I think!)-could this be BwO?!

The song "Kebab Pizza" in title alone worries Dontstopthepop!

Other notable-English-songs are "When You Need Me", "Smiling in Love", "That's Love", "Line of Fire", "That Is Where I'll Go", "Empty Room", "Lullaby", "Love In Stereo", "If I Could", "Just A Minute", "Never Fall In Love", "Hero" and "I Love Europe"

(If I've made mistakes please inform me! It was done in Swedish so mistakes are bound to be made)

(I might have heard wrong but Bobby Llundgren had a lot of winning songs!)


Poster Girl said...

Alexander Bard! Fredrik Kempe! Ingela Pling Forsman! Henrik Wikström! Tony Nilson (I'm hoping it's the one I'm thinking of)! Bobby Ljunggren! Aleena Gibson! Tobias Lundgren! Tim Larsson! And more I probably missed or forgot.

I have to be honest, seeing Henrik Wikstrom and Fredrik Kempe's name a lot--and sometimes together--was pretty exciting for me. Who am I kidding, this whole thing is more than I can handle.

Robpop said...
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Robpop said...

ts wonderful! But I think the number of songs writers submit should be capped. So if they submit one song.....and are successful with that....that shouldn't block others.

Paul said...

i didn't watch. but i enjoyed your running commentary on msn. it was more private and intimate, and now you have shared it with the world. i feel used and abused. you have whored me out!

Robpop said...

Its about being universal!!!

Robpop said...

Here is a sort of list of those successful submissions:

Martina said...

It is fixed!

Robpop said...

No Nasty comments! ;-)

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