ROBYN Konichiwa No.1 The amazing celebration Megamix

You'll hear this no where else. Very bootleg, very Robyn, very rare and a bit amazing! Ok so rewind! This needs some explanation and as they say everything needs context. Nearly two years ago Robyn had yet to release her fourth album but a small number of fans kept the spirit alive by endlessly wondering about the chances of her comeback. This was before Be Mine ever appeared on Swedish radio. All we had were her first three albums usually sent through the magic of import & of course laughing at Beverley Knights tragic cover of Robyn's Keep This Fire Burning. Back then the fans were few and my memory is a bit sketchy. What was a concurrent theme throughout most of our discussions during that time-frame was the fact that we always had to introduce the name Robyn and how amazing she was to an audience who generally shrugged their shoulders in bewilderment. But we'd always try our best to plug the Swedish singer: Lena created one of the best Robyn fansites, Mandy helped her out while also launching a music career of her own, Ola started remixing and archived a lot of her lost classics and I set up DontStopthePop clearly named after Robyn's 3rd album Don't Stop The Music. The little team of Robyn fans did our best to promote the singer whenever we could and todays post is something of a manifestation of our shock and "yayness" of Robyn's huge success outside Sweden this year.

Last summer, Dont Stop The Pop featured a rough version of With Every Heartbeat. Come 2007 it was no.1, released throughout Europe and the next single Handle Me is already C-listed by BBC's Radio One with Be Mine looming large in the background. Our jaws are still waiting to be scrapped from the floor. As Robyn is about to tour the US shes also the darling of blogland and media sites like PopJustice. All of this is amazing and for a girl on her own label we thought it was time to take stock and celebrate Robyn's successes.

How could we do that? As old old old fans of Robyn we thought rather than posting about her chart success it would be logical to turn the attention to the person responsible for it-Robyn! So Ola (aka DJ Mad Wrist) created an amazing megamix of ten minutes of pure Robyn bliss including material from the recent LP and then some. But this is no usual megamix. It includes mash-ups, snippets from lost gems, remixes and echoes of a musical a Robyn hinterland that is accessible for both newcomer and old-Robyn fan!

Of course this is one for the Robyn fans but its created by the super fan Robyn DJ Md Wrist so he knows his stuff and treats the subject with care and love! Its pretty amazing considering DJ Md Wrist teaches kids in Stockholm (What a cool teacher-he's a DJ!). Lena of created the amazing CD sleeve you see above and myself and Mandy helped where we could!

Its friday so get ready to do the RobynRaka and celebrate the comeback of millennium!

Critical Links:
Robyn (Official Site)
RobynFan (Run by Lena & Mandy)
DJ Md Wrist

Coming up: Jonah and Caracola!


Anonymous said...

Amazing, and thanks!!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU, to who ever came up with this idea. This is a stunning mix. The cover is beautiful and it makes me happy. Moving from Canada to Australia, even less people here know of Robyn. I'm so happy she's finally getting noticed. Hopefully some of that will happen down here. Thanks for this mix!

Paul said...

i have to say that konichiwa bitches is one of the best titles of a pop song ever. When i become semi famous (probably for doing some random sex act on adam levine) I am releasing a double a side single "Boo you whores" / "The Cock Block Dance". I wonder if Robyn will collaborate with me?

Robpop said...

Thanks Len ;-)

Johnny the mix is amazing isnt it! The guy is a school teacher and a yummy one too! very talented guy! Its cool to see Robyn take the world again!

Paul-that is an amazing double a-side! I'll sort out the choreography for the The Cock Block Dance and call it the Aneros!!!


Justicia Pop said...

96Thank you a lot for this. I am from Mexico City and I have just discovered Robyn some weeks ago thanks to your blog and her reborn popularity. I have just found the post you had from her life performances from some months ago, but unfortunately the link is already down so I couldn't download it.. I don't know if you could help me to get those performances, as I think they may be just GREAT.

Here is almost impossible to get her music, I guess until the USA release her album we may get it here, but in the meantime I have ordered the UK version of the album and With Every Hearbeat's single form Amazon, so I hope to receive my CD's soon.

With this new found love for Robyn I have just found in my CD collection my Robyn is here album and my CD singles for Do you know what it takes and Show me love... which I used to love 10 year ago!!

Thank you again, and congratulations!

Anonymous said...

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