Today the British Broadcasting Corporation confirmed LoveShy as hopefuls for this years British Eurovision competition. Their song Mr.Gorgeous has got tongues wagging and butts moving since it first appeared on this very blog a few days ago. The girls of LoveShy have been through it all. Originally called Clea, DontStopthepop celebrated Emma and Aimee in its Pop Awards held last year. If you do a little bit of research you'll find the two quite a rarity in the British pop scene. Besides Girls Aloud, they are the only Popstars act still releasing music and they outwardly refuse to stop the pop. I remember saying Clea/LoveShy are for "a generation that used the magazines BIG!, Smash Hits and Top of The Pops Magazine as their weekly bibles." And, with that in mind Emma of LoveShy spoke to DontStopthepop about the state of pop in Britain, Mr.Gorgeous, their favourite Eurovision entry of yesterday-year and the Simon Cowell of the internet (!).

DontStopthepop: First of all let me say how great Mr.Gorgeous is! I’ve had people from the U.S and Australia tell me how much they love it already. You must be well chuffed!

“Wow – that’s so nice to know. When you write and record a song you never really know how people will take to it but when recording Mr Gorgeous we felt an instant gut feeling it was going to be a good one”

Dstp: So why the name change?

“Well to be honest, it’s not really a name change as CLEA ended when Lynsey left. LoveShy is a new beginning with me and Aimee. We wanted to continue music and working together, but it’s a new direction and a new band”

Dstp: And how did you come to LoveShy then?

“It’s such a difficult thing to do naming a band, we were in the studio one day recording the album and got talking about what we’d like to be called. We wanted something that sounded nice to say and was a worldwide meaning that most people could understand”

Dstp: I love the the fact that the song is about not being shy at all! Where would you two fit
in? Shy or brazen like the song?

“Ha…myself and Aimee know what we want in a boyfriend, however I think everybody at the beginning of a relationship are Loveshy (!)

Dstp: Whats the new album going to be like?

“The album is full of sassy, catchy pop/dance tunes that will get you dancing your butt cheeks off”

Dstp: Have you got a name for it?

“Not yet – but it will be a goodie”

Dstp: What was it like performing for thousands in China?

“Was an honour to ask to perform to celebrate the Beijing Olympics for 2008. Who wouldn’t love to perform to a 3 billion tv audience lol”

Dstp: You even sung in Chinese. Explain how that came about?

“We wanted to embrace the country we performed in and so decided to sing a Chinese song. We actually also met the famous Chinese boyband the Flowerz before we sung the English version of their song as well so we’ve done 2 Chinese songs!”

Dstp: I so want to hear those Chinese tracks! Ok, with the demise of Smash Hits, Top of the Pops and CDUK, indie acts of the pop variety are having a bumpy ride. The scene is completely different in Germany, Sweden and Spain. Loveshy are wonderfully pop. Where do you think they stand/dance/sit in relation to stuffy journo’s who take a sometimes snobbish attitude to pop music?

“Yes pop is something we’ve been brought up listening to like Spice Girls, Madonna, Kylie etc. They are the influences that have formed us into wanting to be pop singers. It’s difficult for pop acts to be respected in the industry, the journos love to hate and always have, but us real people actually love pop hence why all the pop comebacks like Take That etc have sold out everywhere. Let’s embrace what British do best – POP!! Critics say that pop is not credible – but why?? We have been working for 5 years now like any normal band through highs and lows and will continue doing what we love. We are not in it for the fame or fortune, if it was we would have given it up years ago, we have a passion and want to express it”

Dstp: As Clea you received the Dontstopthepop prize for not stopping the pop. Is that your mission? A middle finger to the serious museos and critics?

“Was overwhelming to be understood and respected – so thank you ever so much for that award, it meant a lot. Our mission was just to do what we wanted to do and felt right, why should we follow like sheep the latest hot producer or sound, we were so happy with our album”

Dstp: As a group you continue to release really bold pop songs. I can see you both getting on the microphone down at the O.A.P centre in 60 years! Are you living out your pop dreams?

“However hard its been in the recent years, yes we are living our dreams and I do see us with walking sticks playing the latest OAP convention in 50 years time haha”

Dstp: What was your favourite Eurovision song? And you can’t say ABBA! Everyone says ABBA or Buzz Fizz! Personally I am bit partial to Helena Paparizous Greek win of 2005.

“Hard One – we love all UK winners (biased) but also have a huge soft spot of Gina G who came third. We know her she’s a lovely lady”

Dstp: What can we expect from your performance on Making your Mind Up?

“We want to give the UK something to be proud of . We are going to give it our everything, energy, personality and most importantly an infectious catchy pop song – we are also adding in a few surprises so don’t miss it”

Dstp: Your on the same record label as the Queen Of Clubs Dannii Minogue! Would you like to make LoveShy the Girlgroup Damsels of Clubs?

“I never thought of it like that – we love clubbing and its great to spread the loveshy songs in clubland – don’t be shy…Love hehe”

Dstp: How is the gorgeous Lynsey?

“Lynsey is great. She is now doing something she loves and is still as beautiful as ever”

Dstp: I loved your Kick Back Relax. So much better than the Agnes version that was released. Why wasn’t it on the album?

“erm…in a nutshell too much money wanted!”

Dstp: I also loved the brilliant tribute to the 1980’s Hey You. Another fab song that is yet to be released and wasn’t on Trinity! You’ve done Jermaine Stewart 80's classic 'We Don't Have To Take Our Clothes Off'. What other songs from the 1980’s would you love to cover?

“Well don’t want to give everything away but we have covered another big 80’s song – all will be revealed on the album”

Dstp: You’ve been in the industry for quite some time now. What have ya learned since appearing on Popstars, forming Clea and now LoveShy.

“That being a singer isn’t all glitz and glamour, fame and fortune. It’s long hours, hard work and full of ups and downs. Music has changed so much over the years what with downloads and you are ever adapting to changes. What we have learnt though is to be real and stick to what you want to do and hope someone out there loves it”

Dstp: You’ve moved down to London. What are your favourite parts of the city?

“It’s so exciting to be back in London. So hard to pick out parts as there is so much to do here. Let’s just say we have LOTS of fun”

Dstp: Oyster card or oysters at the Ritz?

“Oyster card – cheap to get around and see the real London”

Dstp: Right this very second, what CD/mp3 is getting loads of earphone love?

“haha you’re not going to believe me but it’s Mr Gorgeous as we are frantically practicing for Eurovision”

Dstp: And finally, I hear Chloe is in Canada now. We get Alanis and Celine and in return Canada gets the Queen and Chloe. Do you think this a fair trade-off?

“Chloe Staines – haha – you gota love the Staines! She is very well and doing her own thang, married now to a boy from our first Download It video we shot in Canada – how mad is that!”

Dstp: Ahem. Seriously though, LoveShy dontstopthepop loves ya and can’t wait to hear more. What can we expect after Mr.Gorgeous?

“Lots of dancefloor tunes with a pop edge, great Saturday night fun. Full of catchy melodies and hot remixes – check out the Thomas Gold mix of AM TO PM – fantastic”

Dstp:Thank you girls and good luck with Mr.Gorgeous and the rest of 2008.

“Thank you dontstopthepop, you are the Simon Cowell of the internet. You talk sense and not afraid to stand your ground for what you believe in. Love you all and thanks for your continued support – love LoveShy”

The Simon Cowell of the internet! Cool! So you can check out a little snippet of Mr.Gorgeous by clicking here. Also check out their new cover of Am To Pm on the Fierce Angels compilation Cd here. You can hear the track (and the Thomas Gold mix that Emma talked about) on LoveShy's official myspace here. Remember to vote for them when the time comes. Looking at the other Eurovision entries, it seems none are as poptastical as LoveShy.


Mike said...

Fantastic interview! I love "Mr Gorgeous" and I hope it does well at Eurovision. Can't wait for the album!

Poster Girl said...

Words cannot express how much I need a decent quality copy of "Hey You"--one of the most perfectly poptastic songs I've heard in the past few years!

Anyway, good luck to them--I hope the performance goes well! I'm glad they've kept going--I don't want to get into a big rant here, but though it's one thing to just say you don't like their music, I've never understood the "they'll never make it and should just give up" argument for why not to like them.

Adem With An E said...

LOVELY interview; as always, killer read mister.

Anonymous said...

That was a good interview. Is there any way I can track down Kick Back Relax and Hey you. I loved their second album.

Anonymous said...

robpop, that was a great interview. I am so glad they are actually releasing an album. When will the album be out?

I am voting for them this year!

Anonymous said...

Try contacting Upside (there managers) for previous Clea related songs.

Thnaks for your support guys.
The Kearsley family :)

Eurofizz said...

Great article DSTP - So good to hear their comments on their pop journey! I particularly remember loving their B-side Romeo. What a great track, I didn't realise they were the same girls in LoveShy! They were a million times better than Andy Abrahams in that year for Eurovision! I can't wait to hear more from your blog soon :)James - Brighton