Therese is a pop-dance legend-the length of this interview perhaps highlights this point. Originally in the glorious group Dromhus, she sung the club hits Stjärna På Himlen and Håll Dig Nära. With Dromhus she very nearly represented Sweden at Eurovision with the uplifting Stjärna På Himlen. Charlotte Nilsson came first and later won the entire thing. Then she moved onto other terrains and achieved chart success in the UK and around the world with the famous Put Em High. Then she released her own single Time and then her first solo album Acapulco. With The Attic, Therese then performed at Melodifestivalen in what was a very special performance for the singer. Today, Dontstopthepop talks to Therese about life, songwriting, Dannii, her future recording plans and philosophy.


Hello Therese! Thank you for appearing on Dontstopthepop!

Helllooooooo! Thanks to you too!

You are a Dancepop legend on Dontstopthepop! How does it feel?

Feels great!

You’ve got some amazing vocals on those lungs of yours. Where’d ya get them from?

From my super-soul and some wild emotions on that.

How do you reach those high notes?

Good vocal chords. Hahaha! And quitting fags and openning the throat chakra.

Personally, you performing The Arrival has to be one of my favourite Melodifestivalen performances ever! I just love the feathers! The spinning around! It was magical! And such vocals! Forgive the total overuse of exclamation marks! It was quite something to watch you perform The Arrival whilst spinning around on a record…

Hahaha. It was just the best. Like I said, I loved every second of it.

Actually, whose idea was it get to intimate with that huge 12” on that stage?

Richard Engfors, he is a true proffesional and a dear friend.

And was what is it like?

Bit nervous but exciting.

It must have been difficult singing while lying down! I noticed your vocals didn’t falter or anything. That’s some control!

Jep! Hehe.

What was going through your head while you were performing in front of so many people?

Not to loose focus in the singing, choreography and spinning around, and to hit all the cameras. And to smile. Haha.

Slightly off topic but have you had a look at the current Melodifestival finalists and if so do you have a favourite? Shockingly Carola didn’t get through this year. The favourite is Charlotte...

I haven't seen time as I don't have Swedish channels in London so I'm a bit out of clue when I'm not home. I miss it though....

Now let me talk about your brilliant songwriting! Does it come natural to write those wicked pop songs? Or did you go to a school?

I went to music school and took dancing classes etc. Writing is something you just gotta have skills for and then develop, at least in my case.

You did a lot of work with Dannii including her songs Perfection and Good Times. Can you tell us gossip about Lady Minogue and what it was like to work with her?

She is great, very pretty, lovely blue eyes and a pretty little kitten nose. Very calm and nice

Dannii’s song “Good Times” takes me straight to 1970’s lounge glamour…was that the aim?

Maybe.......for me its summer. Thats what i love about music that its got its personal relationship with people.

You did some songs for her album-some that have never seen a release. What have
happened to those songs and can you describe them?

Oh I don't know, there are so many tracks flying around backstage in time for artist releases and album you never know where they will turn up.

Ok, so to the future! There is a new song called "Neon Lights (See My Baby)" listed on your wikipedia entry. On title alone it sounds great. Could it be a new album track for a new album that’s on the way?

Yeah sure, I’ve been going through alot of changes lately which have made me decide to do 2 albums. One with my housy stuff and one which will be a project of music with no directions Exciting uh?

Two albums! Two albums! Tell us more!

I dont wanna reveal too much and break any magic. But I have a strong desire to do that album where I can just do whatever I wanna do. It doesnt have to fit into any model of music or anything like that. Its a great opportunity and I wont rush it either, but we are gonna start in early summer to record it. And i get to work with some really talented people. Its important to get that creative space as an artist.

So what is the low down on the track you’ve done with Steve Mac?

Well its got great support from radio 1 which is a good start. I want it to be my next track out with video and stuff.

The music industry is changing a lot. Would you consider “doing a Robyn” and setting up your own record company to release your material?

Sure thats the way forward, just to be able to be more flexible. All you need is to build a good team around u and not tie yourself up with any major record companys right now i think.

What Was it like working with Danny Saucedo last year?

Sweet! He is so lovely and talented.

Have you read any philosophy perchance? What are your thoughts on human existence and the human condition?

I’ve read some! And right now in this moment is all there is. God is now…Guru is now. Its very challenging to live in the now. Cause and the effect. Universe is your mirror. Get back what you give out. Don't think nobody can ever tell you the secret of life you just have to find your way, thats it.

Talking of finding your own peace, what was it like performing with the Attic for Melodifestivalen for The Arrival? Are you able to say why it was very intense time last year?

Amazing! I loved every second of it. My dad was ill in cancer as well and died a week later in hospital so i knew it was the last time he was gonna see me perform. I was happy and a little sad.

It was an amazing performance, Therese. He’ll be so proud. The message of the song. Everything. You doing your thing. Just amazing. I just wanted to tell you that and give you happy vibes.

Thank you, Bobby.

Will the new album delve into that time in your life?

Maybe, probably actually. He dedicated a song for me so I'll probably do one for him (huge smile).

So tell what us what are you doing in May?! Its quite amazing!

Yeah the bikeride!!!!

Girl, its not "just a bike ride"!!!!

The bike ride is from London to Amsterdam and we are about 100 people already doing it. It is to raise money for Sfk which is an amazing organization where 100% of all money goes straight to the source. I’m very excited

That’s gonna be sore in the morning! How much do you wanna raise?

10.000 at least!

How can readers of DSTP help out? Are there any sites they can send their donations to?

Yes Please!! Go just go to And if u wanna read about Sfk go on to I'm very grateful for all the help I can get. Its such a wonderful organisation. I’m also facilitating at the classes at school. The miracle changes you see in the kids gives you so much hope.

I heard you have a very very special something for the person who donates the most….

Yeap he gets to sleep with me............HA HA HA joking..but a dinner and a special night...


So there you have it! The popstar that is Therese. She is a star! Love her to bits. Music is brilliant. Vocals are amazing. Stage performances are nothing but pure wow. Songwriter diva. Swedish pop princess with Dromhus. Solo pop queen....the bike-ride...I love Therese! The Arrival performance at Melodifestivalen only last year holds so much more significance for Therese that we could ever possibly imagine. As viewers we had no idea. Now, Therese has illustrated what was going on when she was belting out that epic lovesong (check out her vocals at roughly 2:15). She is an icon & Dontstopthepop legend. She shines...


Poster Girl said...

Robpop, could you have ANY more of an amazing lineup of interviewees? I can't believe this!

LOVE Therese. "Neon Nights" is fantastic--I've been hoping for an album to follow it up for a while, so this news of not one but TWO albums is incredible!

I had NO idea about her dad; that's so awful--I can't believe she was able to deliver a performance like that (they were robbed, if kind of predictably so) with that going on is shocking and amazing. Poor girl--my heart goes out to her.

Your last paragraph sums her up so perfectly. A total star--probably the artist out there most deserving of (more) major international success and really being a household name.

Poster Girl said...

...that should be "with that going on--it's shocking and amazing."

Poster Girl said...

...and that should be "Neon Lights." Though Neon Nights is fantastic too!

Apparently I can't type or proofread today.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic interview, as we've come to expect! When checking out Therese's myspace page, I noticed a new icon for The Attic and found a lot of new material on their myspace. Check out "Utopia" and their fun cover of the old Secret Service electropop hit "Flash in the Night".

Off topic, but have you any new info on when we might be able to find that Cosmo4 album?

Lance said...

That was a great interview Rob. I wish this girl all the best. Her performances are always spot on. She never misses a beat. I will donate a little bit for her bike ride too.

Anonymous said...

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popboy91 said...

I love Therese.
I actually forgot about her :O

Btw its Conor here, havent spoke in a while lol but ive got a new blog now i have the time.


Robpop said...

Great to have you back C! will check out the new blog asap!

Mike said...

Anyone who has worked with Dannii is ok by me. I'll have to check out more of her stuff. She seems rather lovely.

Anonymous said...

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