The Saturdays need little introduction here. Consisting of Mollie, Vannesa, Rochelle, Una and Frankie, the five recently toured with Girls Aloud and saw their single go top ten in the UK. Borrowing from the 1980's and the early synth moog movement fostered circa 1978, The Saturdays symbolise a rather brilliant slice of pop that saw radio play from the likes of Radio One but also set the forums in a daze since they appeared on the stage earlier this year. From the ambers of the Spice Girls reunion, The Saturdays sound very much like the obvious torchbearers of the next generation of girlbands. As such, it was thus very necessary Dontstopthepop got to know a little something about the girls...

How long have The Saturdays been together?

Vanessa - The Saturdays have been together for about 1 year now

And what has it been like?

Mollie - Without sounding too cheesy it has been the best year of my life!!!

You’ve supported Girls Aloud. What was that like?

Frankie - We were so lucky to go on tour so quickly! Some bands never get to perform in arenas. The girls were awesome and it was so fun traveling around. I really miss it!

Rochelle - The best experience we could have ever asked for. It was AMAZING and the girls are lovely and were so nice to us!

Previous girlbands (such as Cookie) supported the Girls Aloud and they vanished without a trace. One might say there’s a curse, and if so…the top ten placing of
If This Is Love has arguably broken it. Congratulations! Some might say that it’s a passing of a torch!

Una - hahaahahaha a curse? That’s funny…if there was a curse it’s definitely been broken now!!

Mollie - If Girls Aloud can pass on anything at all to us I would grab it with open arms!! Come on The Sats!!!!

The music industry is a funny place at the moment. Indies getting better results than the majors. The demise of CDUK, Top Of the Pops and the arrival of the internet….where do you think The Saturdays fit in to this ever changing world of pop?

Rochelle - The internet has proved great for us and we’ve really got on board with logging onto the forums, filming video clips and write blogs. We keep in touch with everyone that way!

Frankie - I think it’s a real shame that shows like CDUK have vanished! What do we have to watch on a Saturday morning now?! I think its all down to Indie being big but Pop is definitely coming back and I’m hoping we can help to be a part of that! Once its back things like CDUK will be around for sure!!!

You had a taste of touring with Girls Aloud. Will you be going on the road solo and taking the album to the people before its released?

Una - Wow good idea we'd love too...maybe we should have a word haha

Mollie - I would hope so! That would be awesome! Our album tracks are all so strong, so to perform those too would be fantastic!

Will you be involved in the songwriting of the album or will you be taking a seatback for the debut?

Rochelle - The first album for us was about finding our sound but for the next we'd love to!

How much of the album is done and when can we see a release date?

Mollie - The album is done done done! I can't believe it!!! We've actually got AN ALBUM! Wow! It’s set to release in October! So get saving!!! Hehe!

How important are places like Popjustice to The Saturdays?

Frankie - As you said the internet is where it’s at now so to have support from sites like you guys is huge for us!! We need you guys!

Mollie – It’s always great to receive feedback and a lot of the time we can learn from it!! We try to keep in touch with our fans as much as possible, which is why our forum is so important to us too!!

There is another girlband demanding some attention at the mo called Red Blooded Women. They sound amazing (check them out here). You’ve both sampled Yazoo and have that similar eighties sound to your direction. Perhaps a super collaboration could be in order?

Una - I haven't heard them yet but I’m going to You Tube them now!

Frankie - ooo ill have to check them out! the 80s theme is only in If This Is Love so at least we will be slightly different from them... and as for a collaboration you never know i guess!

Talking of red...Here come the quickfire questions! What colour is……….Tuesday?

R&U – Pink!
F&V – Green
M - Definitely Brown because it's pretty boring, but not quite as boring as a Monday, which is SO grey!

Who is gonna win this years X Factor. Dannii or Cheryl?!

ALL – CHERYL -----Whoop!
The Spice Girls or a Banana?

Spice Girls!!!!!!

With Every Heartbeat (Robyn), Black and White(Michael Jackson) , Gimmie More (Britney), Love Machine (GA): Which one would you girls cover if you could go wild in the studio?

Vanessa - Black and White by Michael Jackson as people would never expect it

Mollie - As much as I want to say Britney, I think I'd have to go with the King of Pop! WHAT a tune!!! And I could even bring out my moonwalk for the music video (much to the girl's amusement!)

V/U/R – Definitely Black or White. We love MJ!!!!

What did you think of the Kylie album?

Mollie - I think Kylie is great!! I'm sure the album is just what her fans wanted!!

Last question then! Why pop, girls?

Frankie - Because it doesn’t get much better than Pop!! Its fun and you can really play around with your sound!!! Bring it back people!

Una - Because it’s the most fun and we don't have to be so serious which is great!!

You can purchase If This Aint Love here. The Saturdays will release the follow up single Up very soon. Check out the wicked The Saturdays official website here (which has links to the forum mentioned above!).


D'luv said...

Yay! Love the Saturdays! Nice read, and they seem like game, er, fun gals. Bring on "Up" and the album!

Anonymous said...

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