Le Kid ooze pop brilliance. They also consist of Swedish pop royalty. Three of its members (Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad, Märta Grauers and Felix Persson) are behind some of the catchiest pop records to come out of Europe in the past 5 years. Anton is of course the guy behind some of Velvet's recent work, Luigi Masi and Alcazar's Straight Into The Fire. Only the finest brand of pop is stored in Antons wine cellar of pop fizz. Grauers and Persson are part of Cocktail Studios and recently worked with Alcazar, MissMatch, BwO and frequently collaborate with the amazing talent that is Anders Hansson. So the value of pop coming out of the Le Kid project promises to be absolutely fabulous. The first song posted on their myspace, Telephone, clearly punctuates that fact. I've been watching the Le Kid for some time now & they've been ever so busy recording with the aforementioned Anders and Sharon Vaughn (writers behind the current top 5 hit Release Me by the amazing Agnes) for the debut album...They've just premiered their video for their first single Mercy Mercy so naturally I thought it natural to have a small chat to the delightful Le Kid about it all....

Le Kid! Why Pop?

Why pop? We considered Jazz Fusion for a while, but there was too much drugs in that business, so for safety reasons we had to go with pop. Also pop is what we love, so any other choice would really be strange.

How did it all come together?

Märta, Felix & Anton are all songwriters as a profession. When you write to other artist, you often end up not using some of the best songs, for some reason or another.
Also, we felt that the perfect pop band was yet to be formed, combining songs, sound, and image.

So to fix these errors in the universe, we started Le Kid, collecting the best songs we've written, and adding new songs all the time. Johanna & Helena was the perfect and obvoius for the project.

What are Le Kid all about?

There's plenty of bands in this world. Some have good songs, others look good, while some have a cool sound. We thought: Why not combine great songs, a cool image and cool productions in one band. Thus, Le Kid is born!

Can you describe what your mission in pop is about?

We want to heal the world. Make it a better place. For you, and for me, and the entire human race!

Right! Anton, you’ve been heavily involved with a number of popstars including touring with Agnes Carlsson. What was that like? Anton, Felix, Marta…you’ve written so many of my favourite pop songs of the last 5 years. Any other producers that DSTP might have heard of before lending a hand? Anders Hansson perhaps?

We all love Agnes, and we're all very proud of her success. Working with her has been great, and we look forward to what still has to come.

Anders Hansson has been involved in this project since the very beginning. He is like the godfather of Le Kid. You know, the one everyone loves, respects, and fears..

Telephone is a fantastic ode to disco-pop. Will we be seeing more of that level of energy on the eventual album...

Telephone is a good reference for the music we make, but we're not afraid to swap and mix genres when we want to. We really like the box, its a beautiful box, but we're not afraid to step out of it once in a while. We don't see the point in making songs that aren't potential hits, so don't expect any album fillers, but more like a collection of 10 potential singles.

If you could cover any Swedish pop song of the last 5 years which would it be!?

Lets put it like this: The day Abba, The Hives and Robyn writes a song together, combining everything we like about swedish pop, we would really love to steal it from them!

Okay then...which song of recent years do you wish you’d recorded and ultimately released?

A Le Kid album including The Killers "Human", Rihannas' "Umbrella", The Ting Tings "That's Not My Name", Alphabeat "Fascination", Eric Prydz "Call On Me", Daft Punks' "Around The World" and Kylie's "Locomotion" wouldn't be such a shame, now would it? Le Kid has been an immense amount of hard work for the last two years, and the release of our first single & music video "Mercy Mercy" makes us see the light in the end of the tunnel. As we're getting ready to show Le Kid to the world, every follower of ours who wants to help us spread the Gospel of Le Kid has a special place in our hearts, and will be able to sleep with their Le Kid member of choice in five years time. Promise!

They sound utterly fabulous!
I want the album already!!!!


Robpop said...

Okay Mercy Mercy sounds a LOT like Can't Speak French.

Bosse Pop said...

I've seen the video, I've heard the song..on and on! and it's just great, great, great! The song is really a pop- summer- hit! You wanna dance of happiness when you hear it! The production's so good, the singers so good, and that cool, nice, happy image with a lot of selfdistance!.. I love it!

Len W said...

Youtube clip has been taken down unfortunately...

Talia said...

This is ridiculously happy and ace. Feels like something people would come back off holiday in Europe singing that might then annoy the UK till November!

FairyTaleBoy said...

Me very much liking Mercy Mercy. I hear the Can't Speak French. But this is better.

Great interview.

They're all over popjustice today!

Fredrik said...


Fredrik said...

(Great interview too)

John said...


And them being behind Agnes Release Me doesnt do things worse...


Anonymous said...

sources in wikipedia tell me that mercy mercy features a sample from Can't Speak French...they seem to be a little too smart to actually rip it off and not give any credit.

Pop Spotlight said...

Great band. Linked your interview on my blog.

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I like your blog.Thanks for sharing.