SAY - MONSTERS - FIRST REALLY BIG SONG OF 2016! [this is not a drill]

OMFG! Say has arrived and launched with the stunning Monsters. As 2016 stands so far - this is the bestest. It is monstrously good. I TOOT TOOT THIS SONG! I fucking love it. Yes, I used an expletive but Monsters deserves it. It is polemic. It is epic. It is hyperbolic. It is an leviathan of a song. Since hearing the full version earlier today I've been on a constant repeat. I don't think I'll leave Say's soundcloud all day today. She belts out her vocal around a gloriously rich production (the song was produced by Say and Sebastian Winskog). The ad-libs at the end are like the caramel in the centre of the best chocolate pudding you ever ate. Oh, I love caramel btw so yeah - its a metaphor that works for me. I am ecstatic bout Monsters (as you may be able to tell). I need the album now. So follow Say at Facebook and Twitter. Tack Tack Tack Say!

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