As a long fan of her previous band, I rejoice at the new single Paola. Also, because of the fact it's produced by Steve Anderson and toplined by the fabtastic Bianca Claxton. Love Night is pure poppers, leg-warmers and neon tank-tops. Irresistibly 80's, its the anthem that the kids of the Breakfast Club would've mashed out after The Cure, Fleetwood Mac and Madonna. Paola purrs over synths like she was singing the lost The Flirts number 1 smash that we all forgot about because we were having too much fun dancing to I Feel Love, Dancing Madly Backwards and early Whitney Houston. Yes, this is the song Giorgio Moroder forgot to pitch to Donna Summer. It also has delirious strobe flashes of Ryan Paris' La Dolce Vita. I love it. A perfect smash for the summer. Can't get ready to dance to this and get sand in all the wrong places. Nice. Chica's, check out the Spanish version too. TUNE!

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