We Are Dreamers recoils in the same brand of melancholia of Robyn's With Every Heartbeat & Dancing On My Own, ABBA's The Winner Takes It All and Roxette's It Must Have Been Love. There are even shades of Army Of Lovers Life Is Fantastic. Sensing a trend? Yes, those Swedes do this sort of thing like no other.  

We Are Dreamers is amazing pop song of beautiful proportions. The beginning of the song begins like an opus that leads into a soaring electronic ballad of uplifting euphoria. Awash with stirring emotion whilst simultaneously restrained, We Are Dreamers is a song that finds pockets of light in the darkest of shadows. Adorned with celestial synths and a real chorus - something like the Chainsmokers and all their dreadful clones appear to omit - the stratospheric EDM anthem by Sundemo was her only 2016 single aside from her collaboration with the Danish D.J Morten Beautiful Heartbreak.  

We Are Dreamers is a perfect return after her Japanese-only albums Dear, Let It Out and For You, Love.  The latter album of which contains the beautiful singles Indigo, Million Years, Snow and Machine and well worth importing. It is criminal that Frida isn't a household name by now. Here's hoping 2017 changes that for her. Indeed, We Are Dreamers was the toast of the popblogpshere when her label released the song somewhat unexpectedly this October. Idolator called it "pristine pop", JAJAJA declared it "gigantic" while TheLineOfBestFit said the single was "uplifting in every sense". 

As We Are Dreamers dares to soar far beyond the usual limits of your average good pop song, Sundemo truly deserves to see some payback for delivering such heavenly high standards of pop. Congratulations Frida! A massive round of applause for creating and sharing a poptastic tome of music lush with heartfelt optimism that jets far above the stars and into the heavens. Pure stardust. Thank you! 

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