HOLLY VALANCE Please Please Me

So to our first Neighbours star! Holly Rachel Vukadinović was born in 1983 so that should make her 22 about now(I, like, Holly was born this year). Her mother is Rachel Stevens-but alas no not that one! You also might think that this is yet another Australian song but in fact the actress and singer was born in New Zealand.

As her mother was British, Holly is related to the late British comedian Benny Hill...........Hill's cousin was her grandfather. Which is like totally amazing.

This rather slutty song comes from the Japanese edition of State Of Mind LP. It was originally dubbed "Please Please Please Me" and the record company picked it to be the lead-off single for a third album that never transpired which is why it was eventually added on the later Asian release. Due to poor sales from the album "State of Mind," Valance was dropped from her recording company. Holly has a very dubious reputation in the music industry in the UK and lost a case against her former manager Scott Michaelson(who, like Holly, used to be in Neighbours as Brad Willis). She was forced to pay a whopping $350,000.

In her short career, she whipped the media into a frenzy but when you look at her discography its clear the media manipulation didnt result in security or success. In the beautiful haze we saw her stripped off more than Kylie before she even released her first single(in the Human Nature promo) and was bitchy about nearly everyone else in the music industy. It seems strange she's only released a total of 4 singles. How I miss her. Come back to music Holly! Stop selling hair dye

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