Now back over to Sweden and we celebrate two queens of Swedish pop music with one song. Everyone will have heard of this anthem but this particular version really does utilise the song in all its glory making sure the chorus is more like a command rather than a mere declaration. Naturally this was the theme tune of Stockholm Pride in 2001 where Jonas shared the stage with a newly reformed Army Of Lovers.

Jonas is of course Mister Gay Sweden from a few years back and we think hes rather tasty. We love the way his Swedish accent literally perfumes the 'sparkle/spangle' expresion. This cover also includes the striking vocals of the sublime Shirley Clamp!

As for Jonas hes is now in a band that looks to be the new Alcazar(pre-Magnus) called Backstage. They have a new record out called Once A In A Life Time. But thats all according to his website which is all in Swedish and try as we might, when we read Swedish we feel like we've had too much brandy.

Which is a good thing. Enjoy Jonas debut single!


Chris said...

HRNK!!! I haven't heard one single song by them and they're already my new favourite group.

Robpop said...

What group? Jonas is a solo artist?

U mean Clea?

Chris said...


Robpop said...

Ooooh ok!!! I'd kill to have the full version though of their only single Once In A Life Time!

Chris said...

Hmph. I can't listen to the song, it says I don't have the codec.

But does the lyrics go like this:
"I am what I am / I am my own special creation"? If that's the case it's a cover of a Swedish tranny. But then again her/his version was released in summer 2001 also, so Jonas might've been before.

Robpop said...

Oooh no, the drag queen version was the alternative Stockholm pride track. Jonas was the main one. But they had two. Or rather two were given away at the party in the park.

This one is by the Jonas and Shirley Clamp in 2001.

Chris, do the other tracks work or is it just this one?

Chris said...

All works except this one.

When was One In A Life Time released? I signed up for that special part of his site but haven't recieved a password yet :/

Oh, and by the way, great job you've done with the blog so far! Easily the most ambitious blog over the last few weeks! My favourites this far has to be 'All Seats Taken' and 'Boobs' - brilliant songs!

jester said...

Isn't this a classic song also done by Gloria Gaynor and Lara Fabian?

I wish I was here to download it earlier! Oh well!