KRISTINE W The River Divides

From two European pop divas, we travel to the US to the beautiful Kristine W. Often maligned by many as a dance artist who solely appeals mainly to a gay club scene which is certainly true to an extent-indeed she has more dance no.1's than Janet and Madonna in the US- however we feel her vocal talent and material is criminally underated.

This stunning track comes from the Japanese release of her second album Stronger which also featured one more bonus song Who I Am which recalls the latter days of Stock/Aitken/Waterman. River Divides is somewhat similar to Robyns Say You'll Walk The Distance and evolves into an epic cry for unity and love. According to her website The River Divides was provisionally going to be the lead single but the record company got cold feet & went with a club friendly dance track which is a shame as this song really explores new pop spheres not only for Kristine W but in general as its actually quite unusual. It sounds like the middle man between Madonna's Frozen and Kylies Confide in Me. Which we think is always going to be a good thing.

Kristine W has collaborated with the team behind Faithless, Dido and Dame Patti Labelle herself, who along with Atomic Kitten, recently covered KW. She has suffered from cancer and according to Wikipedia her first hit, All I Need Is Your Love was a success on R&B radio until it was found out that Kristine was not an African American female and thus immediately refused to play the song. Kristine W has just released her single I'll Be Your Light and you can buy all her material at ITunes or her website.


kevin said...

Kristine W also has a nice track "Lovin' you' - from the songwriters of Aqua, as I recall.

billyknowspop said...

Sorry Rob, didn't like this song. To me it takes the fun out of Kristine W. Not that she's not allowed to do non-dancey stuff but I'd rather hear her singing 'One More Try,' 'Let Me In,' or 'Land Of The Living.'

Anonymous said...

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DJ BRAD PDX said...

My name is Brad Bernier - ( Kristine W Fanbase on Facebook ) I work directly with Kristine W The River Divides was just Remixed by Sweet Team for a very soon to be released New CD from Kristine W.