Things we're excited about!

Mrs.Robinson: they is sooooo hot but DontStopthePop will bring an exclusive track if all goes according to plan. We've heard some excellent tracks so far and all we will say is they might be the new Atomic Kitten for 2006 and they have some great support. Release date due March time. Seeing them live on Monday!!!!

The New Clea Album: Trinity. Highlights include Keep It Cool and Eenie Meanie! DontStopthePop can quite proudly say that they've recorded the pop album of the year! Keep It Cool must be the little sister of Push The Button. Fingers crossed it gets released! We'll be so upset if it isnt! Release due May 2006. Dontstopthepop will bring you exclusive clips from Trinity very soon!

The New Robyn Album: People involved so far include Basement Jaxx. An event! DontstopthePop will be bringing you 2 ultra Robyn tracks called Do Me Baby & Dig It which are not on any release in existence.

The New Cookie Album: Hands In The Cookie Jar. Highlights include Gotta Have It and Stay. Cookie must be the only British pop girlgroup not connected to a reality TV show. Especially with the demise of The Genie Queen. Don'tstopthepop will bring ya an exclusive track from the album soon!

The New Alexis Strum Album: Bad Haircut was probably the most played track on my old Ipod. Amazon lists the release date to be March 2006. Yay!

The New Britney Album: She wants it to be like Kylie+Madonna. The recent Japanese Bonus tracks are a good sign of things to come.

The New Dannii/Kylie Albums: Anything Minogue is something to look forward to!

The Spice Girls Greatest Hits Album: We're not totally sure about this seeing as their solo careers have destroyed the essence of Wannabe.

The Tyler James Album: The Likely Lad II. We've heard a track called Absolutely. Its good. Real good. Watch this space...DontStopthePop will bring ya some exclusive plays from the new album.

The ongoing escapades of both Rachel Stevens/Lisa Scott-Lee: From a sociological approach its always interesting to see the post-modern public diva evolving/regressing into realms of (non)success within the realm of celebrity. The music aint half bad either.

The New Album from Marie Serneholt: So far so good! Check out Cdon/Skivhugget if your not in Sweden and wanna buy it.

The Wigwam Album: Featuring Betty Boo!! Betty Boo!!! So the lead single aint much Boo but we're sure the rest of LP will be fine.

The Louise Nurding Album: Also working with Basement Jaxx!

The return of Javine: Nuff said really.


billyknowspop said...

Marie, YES!!!!!! I think I would probably love anything she came out with, Robyn too!!! Louise is always hit or miss for me though and I can't see why Basement Jaxx would choose her over say Michelle Gayle or Gina G for that matter. Clea and Alexis Strum definitely get me going, but Cookie...not sooo much. Atomic Kitten, B*Witched, Billie Piper, Mutya...please come back!!!

Samuel said...

Lindsay B*Witched is coming back soon~

Anonymous said...


I would just like to say that I have seen Mrs Robinson live and they are amazing!!! you should check out their website their first single Im a little obsessed is out on 3rd April........cant wait