ANN WINSBORN VS ANNA SAHLENE LoveLight/Creep-Soundfactory Edit

We're going into a Swedish pop music overdrive! In the LoveLight corner you have the beautiful Ann Winsborn from Malmo and in the Creepy corner you have Anna Sahlene hailing from Söderhamn! Both sublime divas are of course from Sweden!

As you will hear that the two songs are quite different in lyric, melody and title but theres a particular rift that is exactly the same! So who was first??? Who cares! Both are brilliant pop songs! Creep in both its original form and the remixed version are our all time favourite Anna Sahlene tracks. LoveLight comes from the Pink Collar Crime LP which is in DONTSTOPTHEPOP 'you gotta buy it or you'll get a fist' list.

Both 'Anns' are very big in Europe with Anna Sahlene having hits in Sweden and Estonia while Ann Winsborn taking hold of Poland. Hopefully both will venture west and fly in the UK charts. Anna has worked with Eric Gadd, Carola, Robyn and Charlotte Nilsson. She was one of the backing vocalists who helped Nilsson win the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest in Jerusalem with the song Take Me To Your Heaven.

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billyknowspop said...

I don't think there's much competition here in my opinion. Ann Winsborn wins hands down!!!!

Aaryn said...

wait... those werent the same song?

: P>

Robpop said...

Aaryn...No...different song...but exactly the same backing track. I adore Ann Winsborn!!! Pink Collar Crime is amazing!

Robpop said...

As for competition i prefer Anna Sahlene's purely because its the one I danced to first. It did serious damage in the underground pink pop clubs in London. In general however, I have to say I love Da winsborn way over Sahlene.

Aaryn said...

if I HAD to pick.. i would pick Creep.