DEEN Apsolutno Tvoj

By the way...Deen is an Arabic term meaning "religion" or "way of life".

Our most played albums at the moment are by Ann Winsborn, Severina, and Deen. We say this with so much pride of course. Deen or rather Fuad Backović hails from Bosnia Bosnia and Herzegovina. You might remember the blonde bombshell in pink storming Eurovision with In The Disco. In 2004, Deen also revealed his homosexuality on a talk show on the music channel Pink TV. And as you can see his gloves are FAR better than Rachel Stevens!

Deen was of course the lead singer of the Bosnian boyband 'Seven Up'. In their five years, the band enjoyed massive success in Bosnia and Herzegovina but also the neighbouring countries Croatia and Serbia and Montenegro. Deen as a solo artist crucially secured success not only in the homelands but amongst the diaspora of former Yugoslavia in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and Scandinavia.

DONTSTOPTHEPOP feels that Apsolutno Tvoj is one of the best pop songs since pop popped out. It makes our bum whiggle and legs giggle even before the chorus comes in which is a rare thing for any song. Much better than In The Disco. Notice the overwhelming use of the vocoder which strangely doesnt destroy the song!

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