I saw you crying, I saw you crying at the discoteque

For every disco romance, for every passionate pop strut, for every musical giggle there will always be Lady Melancholia ready to glow in the shadow of the mirrorball. Thus DontStopThePop feel it only necessary pay tribute to the ballad. Here you will find pop ballads and never bland emotional blackmail that ballads are sadly abused by serial offenders such as Westlife. No, the popballad might be void of thumping disco droplets and cosmic choruses but it has an equal foothold in the pop chimera if not stronger than its chirpy cousin. The PopBallad could be Britney's Everytime but it is not Sometimes. ABBA did well nurturing the genre quite well. It pulls at you, it takes you and it is naked. A few strings, a piano and a voice. It builds, it rips and you can do nothing but let go. For every high there is always a low but both drive in the same direction. Tears of joy, hurt and pain...whatever the reason we think that the other side to the pop journey must have its deserved limelight.

Thence......we present to you cryingatthediscoteque