From the premier of Clea's new single DONTSTOPTHEPOP! brings you yet another exclusive in the shape of this unreleased Robyn gem from 1996! This is is not ANY Robyn Cd+album! In fact Do Me Baby is not on ANY Cd+album! Enjoy!

As you can tell the sound its very dated but its vocally amazing! Sadly this relatively poor recording is the only form it exists. What you hear now is the only recording of it! Its a silly track, dubious quality and has terrible raps on it but I adore it!

On Sunday we'll bring you another Robyn gem called Dig It which is sadly gaining dust in the archives...until now!

The posting of this track is actually to celebrate Robyn's many awards but also the launch of her new single Crash and Burn Girl over at!

PS-Zshare is back!


Stephen said...

"Do Me Baby" was also recorded by an artist called Michele. Written by Robyn, with Denniz PoP and Max Martin, who also produced it. Again, I think that was released in 1996. Not a bad track actually!

Anonymous said...

I would love to hear this song with Robyn!
Please can you upload it again?
(or use so I can listen to it.

Love & Kisses


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention about a site that got over 3 hours with:
All Robyn's official videos and many live performances!