Originally written in 1929, Someday I'll Find You is an all time epic pop song. This versiion uses a harp to kick off proceedings! How dare one pop song be so good. The use of strings, the ghostly vocals by Shola Ama, the quartet of violins conducted by Craig Armstrong make Someday I'll Find You a soaring polemic of a pop anthem. Songs like this come by us very rarely.

Who is Craig Armstrong?

Craig Armstrong is the awarding winning composer of such film scores as Moulin Rouge, Ray, Romeo + Juliet and The Quiet American. He gave Madonna Ray Of Light & Massive Attack Protection. With The Pet Shop Boys he gave us the highlights from Night Life namely Closer To Heaven, You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk & of course the larger than life duet with Kylie Minogue; In Denial. Fans of the aforementioned song will hear similarities with Someday I'll Find You in structure and ambience.

Who is Shola Ama?

Shola attended Quintin Kynaston School in the early 90’s and was discovered when she was singing to herself at Hammersmith tube station at the age of 15. Her debut single, ‘You Might Need Somebody’, blasted Shola into the mainstream. And at 18 Shola released her critically acclaimed, platinum selling debut album ‘Much Love’ (1997) which gave her 4 top twenty hits and went on to top the charts around Europe.The disappointing sales of ‘In Return’ and low self-esteem knocked Shola into a depression that saw her drinking heavily and becoming addicted to drugs. In early 2000 her record label, looking at the undeservingly low sales of ‘In Return’, her second album, and negative press that was generating about her drink and drug dependence, dropped her. Four years ago she came back with Supersonic which was one of our favourite summer albums while driving through Florence.

Where is this song from and who is it by?

Its a weird song. It is a cover and written by Noel Coward made famous by Perry Como. It first appeared in 1930 in the feature film Private Lives featuring Gertrude Lawrence and Laurence Olivier. This version comes from the Noel Coward concept album that was to raise money for the Red Hot Aids Charitable Trust. The Album’s concept was to remember and celebrate the work of the British composer Noel Coward. Make a donation here

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