"Gucci shoes, beluga, caviar"

Flowing in the same stream of Ann Winehouse & Amy Diamond, Tyler James was once a star of the London cocktail lounges singing to an awestruck crowd of Londoners. I remember one particular night where I, by chance, heard his particular voice manage to soften the wild fashionista's on a friday evening out & making us pause which is a rare thing when the city just wants to party. It would was no surprise that Tyler James was soon signed to a major record company.

His entrance into the realm of pop music came in the form of songwriter for Gareth Gates flop poptastic second album. His solo material suggested a beautiful jumpy shake-rhumba-n-role slice of in-between pop, disco & reggae. As a result of this weird and wonderful sound, the UK music industry couldnt place him & the singles consequently flopped. The record company thought a cover of Your Woman would change things but when it crashed somewhere over no.40 the album Unlikely Lad was immediately pulled even if album promos had been sent to music papers recieving very strong reviews. This was totally unexpected. The album not only had brilliant reviews, 4 singles but also included a duet with superstar Amy Winehouse. It didnt make any sense to withdraw the album.

While Tyler James' flopped, his sound would be copied only a few months later by Robbie Williams with his delirious hit single Tripping. It was clear that Tyler James was simply releasing music that was ahead of its time.

HOWEVER!!! The record company released the album through Itunes and while your at it get the b-side Temptation as its absolutely brilliant.

As for this little song some will have heard of it before on Go Your Own Way but we prefer Tylers original demo version! Its/Hes Hawwwwwwwwwwwter!


Joshua said...

Your Woman? As in White Town's Your Woman? !!!?

Robpop said...


im-always-right.com said...

This is BRILL!

And Tyler's fairly brill to look at too, pretty good package all up if you ask me.

Anonymous said...

Where can I find the tracks "Just Around The Corner" and Absolutely" by Tyler James?

Anonymous said...

Please upload "Absolutely" and "Temptation". Thanks.