i5 Scream Shout

"So what if you're pretty, Who cares if you're fat?...Scream shout let it out
Turn the music up real loud...Ready set here we go...Let the music take control!!!"


Consisting of Tal B, Gaby Equiz, Kate,Christina Rumbley & Andi, i5 were otherwise known as INTERNATIONAL FIVE cos they're from around the world and they consist of 5 members(see what they did there...clever eh?)

I5 released a bonking pop album that suffered in terms of distribution due to the record company folding. It contained their cover of the S.O.A.P of Ladidi Ladida but also absolutely fabulous poptastic originals such as Scream Shout, Distracted and Sweet N' Sassy some written by the band! Morever i5 were THE first band to release Cinderella, a track that has been since covered by Tata Young, Play and Cheetah Girls.

If you adore Popsie, as recently seen on this particular wonderful/fabulous/sublime popblog or poptastic tracks in general, you'll adore Scream Shout!

It sounds like a better version of Kylies Please Stay or a far more spunkier lovechild of J:LO's best tracks: Waiting for Tonight and Lets Get Loud.

Everyone: "Bump, bump, Shake your rump, Everybody turn and jump, Left, right, side to side, Shake your body. Let it ride"


Aaryn said...

Ladidi Ladida is my JAM!

Robpop said...

Ya see i find the original better.

Chris said...

Yeah S.O.A.P. did it better. They did 'Stand By You' better too.

Ah, how I loved S.O.A.P. You should do something on them, Rob. They did two amazing albums.