PAUL OSCAR Make Up Your Mind

After Stevies weird selections, I thought it was my duty celebrate proper POPstars d so we're heading over to Iceland! Get ready for the disco whirlwind that is Make Up Your Mind. It only really gets wild until the remember to buckle up those seatbelts.

Paul Oscar is the most popular and most respected pop star in Iceland. His Deep Inside is the twin sister to Madonna's Confessions on A Dancefloor only it was born some 7 years before the Americans attempt to lick the mirrorball proving that it is only europeans who do europop best. If not best, they do get there first!

Paul's participation in the 1997 Eurovision contest, where he performed "Minn Hinsti Dans" was not only a turning point in his career ... it changed the face of Eurovision contests forever.

His performance has gone down in Eurovision contest history: Paul sang his hit while lounging on a sofa, surrounded by four sexy, leather-dressed girls. It was simply too avant-gardiste for the official Eurovision contest jury.

Paul Oscar received not one vote from the jury, but his performance was a hit throughout Europe as at-home viewers tested out an early version of voting by phone from their homes.

Thanks to a string of hits, Paul Oscar's five solo albums have all gone gold in his native Iceland!!

Oh and "i think he's gay!"

Make Up Your Mind sounds like a total rip off of/or ultra close to Madonnas recent smash hit single Sorry even down to the melancholic uplifting spoken words behind the thumping retro electro disc beat.


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