ALANIS Fate Stay With Me

FLASHBACK! Alanis: The Disco Queen of Pop!? What!

Back in the day, Alanis was actually the discopop princess of Canada. She rivalled Kylie in the big hair-fag-bangles-big beat disco classics. She released 2 disco/pop/rnb albums before the age of 20 and they came with pop videos with brilliant "urban dance moves" that would make Janet Jackson blush.

Alanis should be put in the same "popstars/pop idol" box as Will Young and Girls Aloud..why you ask? She's actually an early star of an music/tv pop contest.

When she was 9 years old, Morissette wrote her first song. With the money saved from her stint on the children's television show You Can't Do That On Television, Morissette released an indie single Fate Stay With Me with the B-side Find The Right Man. She then went to Star Search, a popular American talent competition and used her stage name Alanis Nadine. Morissette flew to Los Angeles to appear on the show. She lost.

After that she signed up to MCA and released two huge albums that went double platinum and featured singles that were all relative hit pop singles.

Once she was done with MCA she moved down to LA and signed up to Madonna's record company Maverick who were so nervous about Alanis' pop history that they went to every record store in Canada and rounded up copies of Alanis and Now Is The Time so as to make out Jagged Little Pill was her debut.

However Alanis was NEVER ashamed of her pop history like her representation and would include her early hits in many of concerts. Her cover of Seal's electro 80's classic Crazy reminded DontStopthePop of the Alanis the world tends to forget. Sadly, Alanis' early work is very difficult to get especially her debut single Fate Stay With Me so enjoy...

BONUS: Can't Deny of the second MCA album Now Is The Time

BONUS: Superman from the 1st MCA album Alanis

See Alanis next week in the amazing play The Exonerated at the Riverdance Studios. We've seen it 5 times and its stunning! Its based on case notes and narratives of individuals who've been placed on death row in the U.S. No set, no gimmics and no stage. You just have to see it! The Exonerated


It seems the Alanis has put back on her disco shoes! Welcome home girl!

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