MAGNUS CARLSSON Mellan Vitt Och Svart-FIXED!!! Now no.2 in Sweden!

That's a bit tasty!

Giving Carola a run for her flower pots, Magnus Carlsson illustrates one thing with this HUGE POPTASTIC Mellan Vitt Och Svart: the brilliance of pop music to encompass everything decadant, fluffy, sexual, repression and of course campness. This song trancends language so don't be put off by the all Swedish lyrics.

This is truly how pop music should be done: building, strange electronic blips and blaps, guitars, thumping beat, keyboards and of course backing vocals that go "la la la la la" and "woooh". This comes from his self-titled second album (the first being a Christmas L.P which includes a Mariah Carey cover) which takes the best of the 80's, throws in a bit of indie and remembers the great electronic love affairs of the 1970's and 2001. If your expecting pop of the sorts from his old band Alcazar or even BwO you'll either be surprised or melancholic for the pop on the album ignores the 4x4 baseline for something a bit more experimental. Think silly-Goldfrapp instead of Alexander Bard/Army Of Lovers.

Magnus Carlsson needs no introduction to DontStopthePop readers: however we do hope you love the pic we've chosen to highlight his dirty+sleazy looks.


Words: Nu-Swedish, Alcazar, Darren Hayes, Eurovision, Barbados


Anonymous said...


Won't let me download the track tho :(

Robpop said...

Woof indeed...its working for me...but maybe i'll have to change to Zshare as this is ANOTHER song that isnt working.

Try again

Anonymous said...

still waiting for the part two of the robin that you promised us!!

POPtastic (Jessica) said...

I like the beats to the song, even though I don't understand what he is singing about. Love Swedish pop/dance music.

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

The Robyn thing is planned for next sunday!

Ella Thorvaldsen said... do know that Magnus was responsible for ending Alcazar

Anonymous said...


Great sing. Magnus is a very good pop singer. Thanks for song I couldn't find it anywhere. Thanks again.
To everyone who can't download song. It's very easy. Right click on player, than choose properties and you will got a direct link. Put this link in Net Transport or Flash Get and download it on your hard disk.

Anonymous said...

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