This marks DontStopThePop!'s very first boyband. But this is one with a difference: the boys are all gay. However the band refused to hide their sexuality and before the band even broke they all stated, with pride, their sexuality. So their 2 single career in the German charts would be without the hiding, closeting or pretend girlfriends. Success-wise they did pretty well for the short stay they booked with fame.

Marilyn's Boys first single, "I give you the stars", hit the airwaves in Germany in the middle of October as well as in local clubs. It is EXACTLY like Alcazar's Crying At The Crying At the Discoteque so track it down if you like your trashy male pop floorfillers.

Today on this pretty grim sunday we're celebrating Marilyn's Boys' take on the hit Donna Summer hit single Hot Stuff. However note the I Feel Love baseline throughout the song thus indicating the all-round campness of the record.

When I play this cover i get whiffs of summer, Ky-Gel and deviant mirrorballs.



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Bruce said...

I love this Band...I had once seen a video by this band a year or so ago at a club...can't remember the I have to download the mp3 :)

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