ANNA DAVID Impossible

Everything pop should be

So we lost our senses-and our taste-with Toy-Box but the only way is up! Ya! Well Anna David's Impossible is actually something we'd expect from Sweden. Its thaaaaaaaaat good. Its a bit like Anna Sahlene, Carola, Shirley Clamp and Nanne! Very good you might think! And you'd be right. Its perfect for Eurovision!

Sadly, Anna's new album is very hip hop as she seems to ignored bubblegum pop. However, its very good hip hop. Her newish single-revealing her new sound-is called Fuck Dig and somewhat like Robyns Be Mine whose impact on scandipop has a huge influence especially on Anna.

However we prefer her poptasic early stuff with a special place in our hearts set aside for her delirious You & Me & The Sunshine and Impossible.

Words: Carola, Nanne, Shirley Clamp, Anna Sahlene

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Alexander said...

Perhaps not the strongest voice, but the song is kinda poppy and cute.

Good post!