Following in the footsteps of ChartRigger(in other words we're stealing their idea), DontStopthePop thought this weeks v v v poptastic Swedish chart demanded some special love and attention. Straight in at no.2 is pop idol winner Agnes Carlsson with her exuberant ditty Kick Back Relax. This is an amazing position considering previous attempts by Agnes have all suggested it might be over for the girl from Vanersborg. Interestingly, not only is the song too cute for its own little boots but its an old Clea track. Its quite sad that a track that has saved the career of Agnes coulda been used to keep Britains only bubblegumpop trio afloat. Still, Robpop tells me Clea are huge in Hong Kong-so there Girls Aloud! You can hear the track over at PurePop.

Preventing Agnes from reaching no.1 is the yummy Martin Stenmarck who some will remember was Swedens entrant to Eurovision in 2005. The song in question reminds me of a slower version of Kelly Clarksons Since You've Been Gone which probably explains why its been such a big hit. See the video here. A special mention should go out to the song that's swept through the Nordic clubs this summer and has been no.1 in every country where its been released. It is of course the Swedish trancegroup, Basshunters and their anthem Boten Anna. See/hear it here. Personally, I think any video that contains the singer in a pedalo should go to no.1 just because...

Right behind Agnes lies the disco princess Pandora & her collab with United DJ's. Pandora's albums are a must for any europop whore but chart success in Sweden has always eluded her. Until now...which is nice. Hear a Pandora track from her most recent album 9 Lives here.

Meanwhile, Scissor Sisters spray their disco spunk right behind Pandora's trancetrash anthem at no.4 with fellow Americans Justin and Rihanna smooching together at numbers 10 and 9 respectively. Kudos to the clubpop act Cascada whose Everytime We Touch spent its 21st week on the chart (no.5) whilst their second offering, Miracle, looms large at no.18.

Swedens Poptastic Top Ten:

1. 7MilaKliv by Martin Stenmarck
2. Kick Back Relax by Agnes
3. Trust Me by Pandora & United DJ's
4. Everytime We Touch by Cascada
5. I Don't Feel Like Dancin' by Scissor Sisters
6. Natural High by HammerFall
7. Boten Anna by Basshunter
8. I'll Never Let You Know by Basic Element
9. Unfaithful by Rihanna
10. SexyBack by Justin Timberlake


J'ason D'luv said...

Bitches! Didn't you leave for holiday yet?

Robpop said...

I leave on thursday. Ella Sat. we'll be gone 4 about 3 weeks(and some).