Like A Dream
Swedish Star

So just got back from somewhere like Notting Hill Gate. After two other acts, the crowd surged to the front. I was with 5 blonde girls from Stockholm who, despite being absolutely tiny, rocked as hard as Robyn herself. With only KleerUp as her back-up Robyn performed in a room that was as big as your average kitchen with the stage just slightly raised up like that of a road and a pavement. Still, you knew something special was happening tonight.

Proceedings started off pretty withdrawn with a restrained performance of Be Mine. The crowd loved it but the guitar was overpowering the vocals. Still, we all sung along word for word which is not surprising seeing as the song was the most played song on Swedish radio in 2005. Memory is pretty sketchy but I think she then did a stomping performance of Handle Me which had the Swedish girls throwing themselves at each other. Robyn herself seemed to look deep into her audience especially the ones who failed to dance...

Then came either With Every Heartbeat or Jack U Off. Both were stunning performances but the former wins out. Robyn grabbed her heart, pulled at her breasts and flowed into a river of electronic dementia that had the audience in equal transcendence. For a small P.A, we got way more than we bargained for. Although it has never been released before, With Every Heartbeat went down as the song of the entire set. The song/Robyn is amazing! The recording of the year no doubt. It could be the first time the song has ever been performed but correct me if I'm wrong. I certainly had that feeling that I sensed when Kylie first performed Can't Get You Out Of My Head on her On A Night Like This Tour.

She ended the set with Konichiwa Bitches and CobraStyle(or Girliestyle?) which saw Robyn strut around like she was a leader of a poptastic regime ready to conquer the globe. Her fists were raised, her heels stood out and her snarl came with a warm wink. And boy is Robyn warm. She was amazed that so many came along and appeared taken aback by how many of her audience knew some of the songs that hadnt seen any U.K release.

After the show ended(far too short if you ask me) the Swedish girlies I was with began screaming out for more but no encore appeared. We saw KleerUp change(as the "changing rooms/space" were practically on the stage) and we knew it was over. Afterwards, we chilled and talked to Robyn who has the cutest voice on planet earth. She said that she'd be back in the UK as soon as she could with a new album. Yeh!

PS: There are photos of the performance and myself with Robyn but er I don't quite know how to transfer the pics to the computer so, er, wait on PopJustice as I saw them in the audience.


Adrian said...

I can't wait! So I'm guessing it'll be really quite busy / crowded then?!

Anonymous said...

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