We Interupt the Girlbands with the NEW ROBYN SINGLE: This ones for you!

-She's gone all 60's!!!!!!

-Its nothing like she's ever done before!!!!!! ITS SOOO DIFFERENT!

-I love it!!!!! Its VERY catchy.

-Includes the lyric "I guess I'm here to stay". Too right madam!

-Its released Feb 2007!!!/Conflicting report: I've heard its released today!

-Its a collaboration with FleshQuartet.

-If Dusty Springfield was alive and well I think she might be doing this!

-They've done another album mix and it sounds EVEN better than the radio version!

-Love Machine for '07? Or perhaps Motown? NutBush City Limits? Hey Ya?

-Its a busy couple weeks for Robyn. She potentially has 4 singles coming out (Konichiwa Bitches, With Every Heartbeat, Hey U and This Ones For You)!!!!

NB: As this is released next year...the quality of the track is quite low. As such, its only posted here as a preview to promote the single...Moreover it will be gone by dinner time.


Alexander said...

It's a really good track. Mind you, VERY different from anything else we've heard by the lovely lady. But still, refreshing and brilliant.

This will keep spinning my Winamp tonight!

xolondon said...

Ahh I missed it. Broken-hearted!

Trash Addict said...

Oh no, missed it!


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can download Hey Ya and This one's for you?

Anonymous said...

Is the song Hey Ya that has been mentioned on several blogs infact the collaboration with Basment jaxx (Hey you)

Robpop said...


Its a track she's done with another group. ;-)

s said...

Im desperate ill do anthing to get it, please someone help me!

Mad said...

any clue how 2 get hey ya and this one s for you??

Johnnie said...

I got an error when I unzipped the file. So it didn't work. :(

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know where I can download Hey Ya

Adrian said...

..oh, I don't really like it. The Remix is much better, as it has the words and singing but without the slightly twee backing music.

Anonymous said...

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