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127. Paperdolls (UK)

I know very little about this band. I think they were the product of the team who brought us Take That during the Spice Girls mania. Gonna Make You Blush sounds very close to Say You'll Be There and something could be comfortable on the first S club 7 album.

Gonna Make You Blush [mp3]
Credit: Dan!

128. WestEnd

Details on its way...

Love Rules [mp3]
Its Raining Men [mp3]

129. Fred&Roxy (UK)

F&R supported Steps back in the day and thence vanished. The internet is rather silent on the girlband but Something For The Weekend is absolutely poptastic. Indeed, Boy George even mixed the song when the cd was eventually released in 1999. Impressive no? I think so! His other collaborations are Pet Shop Boys, Kylie and Charlotte Church. All of which makes Fred/Roxy is very good company!

Something for the weekend [mp3]
Credit: Dan!

130. R Angels (US)

No Angels. Nobody's Angel. Teen Angels. Fallen Angels. Angels. Ahem. It would appear that there are far too many Angels in girlband-land. What about giraffes? If R-Angels had called themselves R-Giraffes me thinks they'd could have had bit more impact than they did. R-Angels released two singles which had some great remixes but sadly they never quite managed to release their album. But, the album is available if you know where to look. It sounds very much like the Swedish girlband Region of Excellence by Excellence. Tracks like Home Work remind me of Max Martin at his finest best whilst Always You is so poptastic I get little electropop goosebumps down my spine. Highly recommended if you loved Popsie, Bubbles and Girlfriend.

Home Work [mp3]
Always You [mp3]

131. Ksis (Brazil)

Hailing from Brazil Ksis are huge in their home country and hope to break Portugal and beyond.

Tem Dias [mp3]

132. Lunae (Spain)

Lunae are a bit like the Clea in Spain but they had far more success than their british counterparts. And they were a lot trashier! The song below went to no.1 in Spain and was even drafted for a UK release. They even performed on the British show Top Of the Pops but due to certain problems with promotion the BBC pulled it from the line-up and threw it in archives. And they wonder why the show is dead! According to their Wikipeda page they went to no.7 in France, 8 in Germany and no.10 in the UK with Hipnotizadas. However no other site confirms this and I'd remember if a Spanish girlband went to no.10 in the UK so take the wikipedia details as a pinch of salt.

Hipnotizadas [mp3]

133. Bandana (Argentina)

Coming out of the Popstars bandwagon Bandana were fabulous. Their debut single Guapas is one of the finest moments in girlband history. In fact, I'd go so far to say its one of the best latinopop songs to come out of the continent of the past 5 years. As you'll hear on the lead single the verses sounds very much like Girls Aloud track I can't quite put my finger on. Perhaps Sarahs Fergie-esq bits at the end of Watch Me Go? Maybe its just me.

Guapas [mp3]

134. Escarcha (Colombia)

Another Popstar girlband, this one were absolutely poptastic primarily because their lead single entitled Bum Bum was so damn good! At the moment i can't a pic of the band anywhere which is really odd as they were pretty big! Edit-I was spelling Colombia with a u like the record/film company which would explain the crap results. I am toooooooooo tired!

Bum Bum [mp3]

135. Milan (UK)

Still to come..


So myself, Kev and MaryCherry side kick to the left, back-flip and boob-tubes for the very last time...yes DontStoptheGirlbands is no more........the girlband season has come to an end and the blog has resumed its DontStopthePop title! I hope you've enjoyed it as much as we three have.

(However its not the end of girlbands on the site as we're all planning the LEGENDS OF GIRLBANDS which should be with us in the next couple of weeks...)


Anonymous said...

Thank you v much for the mp3s. :)

Tried downloading the Paper Dolls track but the link takes me to the Escarcha song instead.

PinkieDust said...

Great work robsta(and new boys!)

Rob said...

i have an image of the paperdolls cd cover.Do you want it to modify your post

kelly said...

Ah! I've not been reminded of R-Angels for, well, years! Such a blast from my musical past.

Anonymous said...

You guys ar gas! The memories!
First off, I can't believe there is someone out there who can rival my love for Robyn, I have every album, every singl! I've been exporting all her stuff since the Mytruth album, and I still think Under neath your heart is the best ballad ever. Have you seen the Be min acoustic vid on youtube???

If you want me to upload any of the following tunes, let me know! :

I have a juice cd- "Best days" is the song!

I also found The Precious Album, WHO BETTER BE IN YOUR TOP 100! "Say it again, rewind, new beginning"! Pop brilliance

I've found a single from M2M "Don't say you love me, but theres no pic of them on the cover, it's just a purple sleeve with their name!

I have the SOlid Harmonie album, and all the singles again, (BETTER BE top 100)

Make sure you don't forget N-Tyce : Telefunkin, Boom boom- Great group!

S.O.A.P This is how we party- (KILLER pop song)

I found your site when I was looking for Paper Dolls on the net, did you know (and I've just discovered this) The girl with the balck hair is a British Soap Opera, Emmerdale farm playing Chastity Dingle, and was on a show called soapstar superstar recently??

Last but not least- DON'T FORGET MADASUN!! "Don't you worry" "Walkin on water"- their songs are on you tube!! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Roxy here from Fred & Roxy. Amazing that people still remember us! Thanks for the mention. Love Roxy xx

gpa said...

Wow, Roxy leaving a comment! I also own both editions of the single! There were quite many copies at import CD shops here in Japan. And club played often too!

Anonymous said...

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