ITS BEEN EMOTIONAL-Thats a blograp people!

Its that time of year again. Roses mean something and violets are blah blah blah. Meantime, lets look at some at blogs, tidbits and juicy morsels of gossip.

Fuck the Brit Awards! The winner of the best post on a blog goes to one Mr.Pinkiedust. Theres strong and theres brave! Pinkie my heart goes out to ya. Adem too! I know its soft but I must confess a tear or two ran down my face as I read through their very personal posts.

Noticed this blog changing? The banners? The new look? Kevin is responsible. He's a star! A star that shines so bright I wipe the sweat from my jock-strap!

Matt (of my old ReallySayingSomething Sisterhood dayz) has some amazing things coming up. Some might be Digital. Some might be analogue (ok, that was a pretty bad joke). All of it is pop and the place to hear up n coming British pop music. The countdown has begun. We've had a sneak peak and all I'll say is Ben Adams [spunk!] and Right Said Fred!

Poptrash is the kind of place that makes you the sort of whore that swallows instead of spits. Now its currently exploring the inner crevices of Kylies more famous little sister, Danielle Jane Minogue. Poptrash gives you stunning Dannii fan art (aka Dannii's f-art) and absolutely ace Dannii material. Whether it be Japanese only singles, Mardi Gra anthems or cancelled singles...Poptrash always delivers hard, wet and fresh.

PosterGirl and I cried over Cosmo4 at Melodifestavelen...Tis a crime! They were the best on the night. Jessica agreed. Hopefully an album will follow

Paul at TheZapping
celebrates a girlband DSTP loved but sadly didnt mention! Its all SweetSensations!

Talking of which, here is the most in-depth, insightful and brilliantly written article ever to appear in popblog world. Its about OzPop and girlbands. Just go...

Chris and Alex were responsible for causing critical damage to my bank account. They are also responsible for improving the position of Cdon and Skivhugget. However the blog dedicated to all things Swedish has come to an end. Pay your respect people, Catchy Tunes of Sweden is no longer with us.


Trash Addict said...

Thanks for the shout out - I'll be exploring Dannii's nooks and crannies for a good while yet!

PHow sad that Catchy Tunes Of Sweden is no longer with us :(

Anonymous said...

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