ROBYN Bum Like You-new UK Re-Recording!!!!

As promised during our girlband season, DontStopthePop has become a little hotbed for Robyn stuff of past, future and current. Last week we featured an amazing new version of With Every Heartbeat. This sunday its something very special-the new UK re-recording of Bum Like You. Robyn did this especially for her UK fans so please enjoy it.

Now the version your getting this evening is low quality so you all go out and buy the CD when it comes out in April. Downloading this track means you'll be buying it wont you? Wont you! GRRRR! The version you're gonna hear is a sneak peak to the song and nothing more. You won't get the full feel of the amazing re-recording by this version. Believe me, the album version is fucking stunning. Seriously though, the version here today is a treat and nothing more. Your speakers are not broken. The drips and dips in sound are there on purpose. You won't have them if you buy the cd. However, enjoy the preview!

Credits: Ola, Mandy, Jive (for the pic) and RobynFan (coming soon)

Websites:, Cdon, Robyn'sMyspace, AmazonUK

Coming up on DSTP: Kevin's first post, Robyn covering David Bowie, posts from myself and Mary Cherry and a brand new artist!


tommie said...

Urrgh, sorry, but this completely takes away from the gorgeous original version.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree... and by the way, thanks for adding me to your links! I think your blog is most excellent!

Anonymous said...

Is there anyway you can repost that holly valance song "please please me". I just stumbled on your page while frantically trying to find it. Sorry for the lack of relevance with Robyn.

Ella Thorvaldsen said...

Great version. I hated the original. It didn't go anywhere.

PinkieDust said...


Anonymous said...

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