The site says that these tracks should be available to 12:00 GMT (13:00 CET) on March 17th. Its the 3rd. So be quick-I don't think they shoulda been put online so early. Thanks to a little pinkiedust I've had the scooch track for sometime but now I hear the others I think the fab4 are actually the best of the bunch. So without any hesitation or delay, I am about to saysomething you'd never expect to hear in an sentence-Scooch are the best of the bunch!!!!!1111!!

Be quick as they might not be there for lon


iraklisk said...

The Scooch song is crap!Come on!I think the best one is the Hawkins & Brown song, or Liz McClarnon's one or even Cindy's but definitely not the Scooch song!It's pathetic!I think that the winner of this year's Eurovision contest is going to be Sarbel (Greek entry). Check it out:

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Whoops! Thanks for this Rob! For me, and I thought I would never say this, but I think the Hawkins song is the best although the Scooch one is kinda growing on me

Kevin said...

Scooch only had one decent song, "For Sure", everything else they did was rubbish. And this one is no exception. Worst.Song.Ever! :P

Bad Boys Inc. ... reunite already!

BigBackDoor said...

Scooch MUST win ! Their song is the best ! I wanted to like Liz's song the most ,but it's just not as good as 'Flying The Flag'.
I'm hoping the results will be :
1st - Scooch
2nd - Liz Mclarnon
3rd - Cyndi

4th - Brian Harvey
5th - Big Brovaz
6th - Justin Hawkins

Unfortunately,I think that the winner will turn out to be Justin or Brian : (

Anonymous said...

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