HEPBURN Cold World

Its freezing today isn't it! Warm yourselves up with this brilliant rare track by girlband Hepburn. Many might remember the girls for the guitar slicks but as you'll hear on Cold World they dabbled in hard core dance now and then. This even has that vocoder effect that was all the rage during the late 90's. Hepburn generally did tedious rock anthems like I Quit and Bugs but Cold World redeems the girls in our books. Don't read "Hepburn" and move on, Cold World is truly poptastic!

So details details! Cold World appeared as a b-side to the Australian release of I Quit (the UK b-sides were Sleeping Beauty and Butterfly). It then appeared on a Smash Hits giveaway CD when they use to throw-in collections of new bands rather than pocket mirrors, lipsticks and shit like that. You can hear more Hepburn material plus others at this little dedicated e-library!

Interesting websites: Hepburn discography

Credits: Chris!!

The first girlband legends post is on its way-in the meantime get your tuesday trance two-sets on and blast out Cold World! You'll love it!


Kevin said...


"Cold World" was released in the UK as well. "I Quit" was released on 2 CD maxi. CD1 included "Sleeping Beauty" and "Butterfly", while CD included "Cold World" plus the AMAZING Dave Sears remix of "I Quit", "Dave Sears 'On Time Mix'".

"Cold World" is good, but the Dave Sears mix of "I Quit" is even better! :)

Robpop said...

Thanks darling. The discography website only revealed details about Australia. Thanks for the info darling.

Anonymous said...

Hey sweetie its Chris here, glad to see my treats coming to use and thanks loads for the credit, the song is amazing so was pleased to be able to pass it onto you :)

chris xx

Adem IAR said...

I was obsessed with "I Quit" when it came out/was played on Buffy. GOD they were bloody good times.

PinkieDust said...

Thanks xx

Anonymous said...

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