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Do ya damn history homework!

DontStopthePop loves Robyn. In fact shes our favourite act (well mine anyway!). We've been petitioning releases from Robyn since early last year so its nice to see her finally break UK. Ok so Robyn (aka "pop princess gone wrong") features in this weeks wonderful podcast from Guardian Unlimited online. This is big. Very big. Only yesterday she was interviewed by the rather poptastically named Dorian Lynskey for British newspaper The Guardian.

She was also played on Jo Whiley's lunchtime show today. Not bad for a girl without any major record company! The Guardian has done a little podcast and they feature all things Sweden. Included is a interview with Robyn who they describe "the Swedish pop sensation who's kind of like a cross between Gwen Stefani, Amy Winehouse and, well, Betty Boo."

More than that, they also speak to The Sounds, review Swedish singles (including The Ark), Swedish music news, talk about Malmo and naturally ABBA. Its such a shame Sounds of Sweden has called it a day as it would seem 2007 is the year of Swedish music as this podcast illustrates. They talk about Max Martin and the influence of Swedish music on the world of pop.

The sounds

To celebrate this, Don'tStopthePop has collected all of its exclusive and rare recent Robyn treats in one single post for your delight. For the moment, you will not find these songs anywhere else-

With Every Heartbeat (acoustic live performance)-This is absolutely stunning. Rumour has it that Kleerup has redone the song for a commercial release come summer time.

Life on Mars Acoustic (unreleased)-Yes, Robyn did this after her second album. Recently unearthed from the archives by a Robyn fan for Robyn fans.....

Bum Like You 07-Bum Like You is amazing song live and was a highlight on Robyn's 2005 4th album. It's so good she decided to return to the song and re-record it. The new version upped her dance groove and has become a fan favourite (once again!). As it will be on the album out next month the quality is low.

Close 2 Konichiwa (unreleased version)-This really should be a b-side for the single. Perhaps it will. Thats why its of low quality. Still, a treat nevertheless...

PS: did they get their news about Melodifestivalen from YouCallThatLife?

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Guardian Unlimited

Photos: Sandberg&Timonen


xolondon said...

I assume the pics were done when she did the video? They're all brilliant. Her humor is her secret weapon.

Poster Girl said...

Yup--I meant to say this yesterday, but all the photos you've been using are amazing.

J'ason D'luv said...

Three Konichiwa Bitches EPs (two of which are remixes) were added to U.S. iTunes last week.

Anonymous said...

Close 2 Konichiwa (Konichiwa Bitches (Alt version) was maile d to people on Robyn's mailing list today.

Anonymous said...

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