Round Up (of giggles)

So cute, so fierce

Click here for an amazing/exclusive pic of Chers amazing new album cover. (exclusive to Dstp)

Robyn was amazing. A lot better than Metro apparently. Highlight? Dream On, the acoustic version of Be Mine and forgetting lyrics to Handle Me. Check some pics of the night out here taken by the lovely Lorne Thomson (thanks!).

Look! A Guardian review of Robyn! They give the album 4 out of 5 stars! Winning over traditionally British "austere" journalists, taking London by a storm and releasing material with so little money yet under your name-Robyn you've done yourself proud! Me? I'm proud to be a fan of yours. How many years has it been? Twelve already! OMGrrrl.

I think I'm going the next Popjustice concert. BwO AND The Donaghy! For Five Quid. Justice comes cheap!

I know this is a bit of a self-promotion as I co-run the site but its so exclusive it hurts! Pinkie of YoucallThatLife reviews the new Natalie Imbruglia single and includes hot details about the song that you'll read no where else in the world!

Loving the idea of electroclashing(!?) pop gems! Paul investigates!

Its things like this by ChartRigger that make you want to give up blogging.

Its things like this by PopTrashAddict that makes you want to give up blogging-the sequel.

I fucking love original blogs about music. Like PopmusicWorldWide. Its brilliant.

Credits: Mandy, Marlies, Robyn, Fredrik Skogkvist, Mike of Poptrash(BIF!), Lorne Thomson
and Steve!


J'ason D'luv said...

I did it all for Scooch! I love them. And that's four sure.

But now they won't return my calls... *sob*

Anonymous said...

i hope you had a fab time at the robyn gig rob :) xx

Poster Girl said...

I love PopMusicWorldWide--it's so brilliant. Every time I'm introduced to a new artist there (which is practically every time), I think, "How did I not know about him/her?", not because I know that much about music but because the artists there should be being raved about on every blog.

I'm so envious of you getting to go to the Popjustice concert! I need to move to London :( Or maybe Stockholm.

Paul said...

electroclashing is a word. at least in my lexicon :)

Robpop said...

I loved it!

Jason, send your kisses...they'll respond! Sure of it!

Postergirl, you can be my plus one when you come to the UK! check out might like her.

thanks paul(and anon)

Anonymous said...

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