ROBYN With Every Heart-Concert Of A Decade

In the past few days Robyn performed/released material in UK. I’d planned a review. I’d planned something “street-team”. I’d planned something fan-based.

Perhaps a bit kiss-ass. But That’s Ok. I’m a Robyn Fan.

Then I decided against all of that. The review. The set list. All scrapped. You can go to other places for those details. I want to do something else. Something for the fans of Robyn who were not able to attend the show.

You see reviews of amazing shows can be annoying for those who can’t be there due to time, geography, family responsibilities and work related issues. They read things that have passed. Its not nice. Its liking missing the last bus home when its raining…

So this is different. This is for the Robyn fans. Hopefully you!

Robyn performed a show in London on thursday. A concert for the fans. Some of which couldn’t make it. She exposed a physical existence of the exuberant. Something I noticed in Robyn all the way back in 1995. All her performances have that similar energy.

So what follows is a concert of sorts. A “set list” of Robyn’s best live performances of the past few years.

Most are from her Swedish only tours (Malmo, Malmofestivalen and Goteborg). They are extremely high quality and very rare. Most have only ever been performed for her home crowd and will never again appear on a Robyn set list. Like Play for example. Her recent shows, including those in Sweden, have utterly forgotten the second album. Not on this set list!

I want to share these songs especially for the fans that couldn’t make Cargo. So they can now nod their heads and sing along with fans who did manage to buy a ticket. Moreover, this is also to celebrate the week that sees Robyn's new album "Robyn" released in the UK. This concert took a decade to make, write, tour and produce...enjoy

Small words for each song

1. Intro/Breakdown Intermission-Performed at Malmofestivalen in 2003. Includes brilliant fan fare. Check out audience members screaming “hurry up!”.

2. Do You Know What It Takes
-This kicked off her 2005 Swedish tour for her Robyn LP. Robyn makes her 1995 hit single all electro with amazing results.

3. Medley/Konichiwa Bitches
-Performed as part of her 2005 Swedish tour in Goteborg. Includes her current UK single, Buffalo Stance and Leila K.

4. Blow My Mind
-Performed as part of her 2005 Swedish tour in Goteborg. Blow My Mind is from her Don’t Stop The Music LP. Originally a light electric ballad, Robyn morphs the production and turns it into a tribute to the 1980s, PWL and Prince.

5. Dream On
-With Christian Falk and Ola Salo from The Ark. This stunning song was performed on her UK dates. This recording is from the P3 Guld Galan last year.

6. Do me Baby
-And now lets step back in time. DSTP premiered this last year. Do Me Baby was originally supposed to be on the U.S issue of Robyn Is Here. Robyn gave it to the singer Michele. Recorded circa 1996? We don't know. Like all good pop concerts theres got to be a random lost track included for good measure and Do Me Baby fits the bill perfectly. Is it a Show Me Love part II? What do you think?

7. Play
-Robyn rarely performs songs from her second album. As you’ll hear, its amazing. Taken from her appearance at Malmofestivalen in 2003.

8. Should Have Known
-One of the highlights of the Don’t Stop The Music LP. So much so its featured in her recent tours and even re-recorded for the album released today. Robyn goes “gospel” towards the end of this song. A case of the live version being better than the studio mix. Taken from the same tour as the one above.

9. Electric
-The amazing lead single from My Truth. Sadly Robyn has never performed this song outside Sweden. This recording, like the one above, is taken from her appearance at Malmofestivalen in 2003.

10. Be Mine
-the hit single that launched her Konichiwa Records. Recording taken from her 2005 tour in Goteborg.

11. Crash and Burn Girl-An amazing performance of her fourth single from the Robyn LP. Recording taken from her 2005 tour in Goteborg.

12. Handle Me
-Taken from her 2005 tour in Goteborg. Includes all lyrics censored on the studio versions (both in UK and Sweden).

13. Bum Like You-
Absolutely amazing version of her album track. I have to say, again, the live version is so much better than the one of the CD. Recording taken from her 2005 tour in Goteborg.

14. Message In A Bottle
-A brilliant cover of the Police classic. Taken from her 2005 tour in Malmo.

15. Show Me Lov
e-The hit! Nowadays Robyn performs this song in a stripped down manner. Here is a recent recording of Show Me Love in all its glory! From Malmofestivalen in 2003.

16. Keep This Fire Burning
-A song that will always be in Robyn’s set lists! This version is amazing. From Goteborg in 2005.

17. Jack U Off-
Rip roaring cover of the Prince gem that Robyn simply loves to perform ever since she recorded the song and included it on the flipside to Be Mine. Taken from her 2005 tour in Malmo. Check out the audience going wild!

18. Eclipse
-One of Robyn’s best ‘slow-down’ tracks. Probably the defining Robyn song has ever recorded and in its live format it just blossoms. The pauses, the piano and the tears-simply beautiful. Recording taken from her 2005 tour in Goteborg.]

19. With Every Heartbeat-Performed with Kleerup. A very different version to the one available on the album and performed at her recent London shows. Nevertheless, it remains to be the most beautiful piece of music thats ever appeared on this blog and this "tour" is thus named after it. Performed this year in Stockholm.


20. Main Thing-Another long lost song from her second album that deserves a bit more sunshine. This song was written with Masters At Work and is a fan favourite. Sadly, Robyn has performed this only once! Performed in Stockholm in 1999.

21. Don't Stop The Music
-This storming song about fitting in and misfits is now a firm favourite amongst all fans. Criminally the single, which was covered by girl band Play, wasn't anywhere to be seen during her recent UK dates. Don't Stop The Music is the how this blog got its name! Performed during her show in Goteborg in 2005.

22. Nummer Ett
-To finish things up, a nice sing-a-long pop mini-gem performed when Robyn was about 12. Very much for the poptrash crowd!

NB: All recordings are bootleg and thus unofficial. They were recorded for fans by fans. Hope you enjoy. Buy the album today here and check out all the latest Robyn news here.

Photo Details: Taken of Robyn at Grona Lund in 2003 by Ola.

Thanks to Lena, Ola and Mike in NYC.

If you have any issues, questions or indeed corrections please email me at


Adrian said...

This is ace, what a collection. I disagree, though, with what you say about reviews. Sure they are focussed on the past tense, but isn't that what this collection is anyway? Gig reviews give exposure to acts and attempt to bring posterity to fleeting moments in time, which is what your blog-post also does.

Robpop said...

Oh totally. I agree. That wasn't attack on the reviews. This is more of a "let the music speak for itself and there are really much better journalists/bloggers who can review her shows".

to be honest with you...

I'm quite crap at writing reviews. Moreover, as a total fan i often get carried away. I sometimes can't quite remember the songs or i get OTT.

This is more of a celebration of the past 10 years of robyn as a (live) singer. Also its to help out those who couldn't make it and often pine for it when they read reviews.

Trash Addict said...

How brilliant! I'd much prefer to listen to these amazing tracks than read a dodgy review by some tool who has been listening to Robyn since Feb 2007. Thanks a million!

Cube G said...

help!! I can't get this zip file to open...All that it does is how a macosx folder but no tracks.

What am I doing wrong here?

Cube G said...

Cannot create folder Robyn Concert of A Decade:With Every Heart

The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect.

is the error I get...

Thanks for the help!!

J'ason D'luv said...

Robyn Chylde, you'll be thrilled to hear I've downloaded Konichiwa Bitches (the EP), and while I thought she'd lost her mind the first time I saw the video awhile back, I've now grown to realize it's quite the jam.

You know, I always remember hearing on the (U.S.) radio once in summer '97 or '98 how Robyn was going to do a duet with Backstreet Boys on Millenium... was that ever really the case, and if so, what happened? Did Britney swoop in and steal her thunder?

Poster Girl said...

This is such a great idea for a tribute...I can't wait to listen to it.

PinkieDust said...

This is why i love this place. Thank you Bobs. This is so much better than a review.

Paul said...

good stuff mister. a really brillo tribute :)

Matt said...


trash addict - love your comment!

PinkieDust said...

Thanks for this (again). I can't stop playing Blow My Mind and Keep This Fire Burning!

Anonymous said...

I can't get it to download :(

Billy, UK

Robpop said...

J'ason-thats brilliant news! Again thanks for all those who made comments.

For those who are having will be re-upped as soon as i can.

Britney completely stole her thunder. Perhaps even saved her from "chilling" down as we all know Britney is doing at the moment.

As for this BB duet. It sounds fascinating. However..perhaps the wires were crossed with robyns submission Say You'll Walk The Distance for the On The Line soundtrack (which starred Backstreet Boys).

Trashaddict(thanks...) My reviews tend to be lame. I hope this helps you feel what it was like at Cargo. For I do wish you were there!

PosterGirl..I hope you enjoy it.

Matt/Paul (enjoy!).

Anonymous said...

managed to download :) Can listen to, but not extract the files to put on CD - absolutely loving this though, thank you so much.

Billy, UK

Robpop said...

I'm not sure then. I'm not that IT minded.

Perhaps i could send you the mp3's. If you send me an email or msn thing (mine is

Robpop said...

Glad your enjoying it though!

Anonymous said...

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