TV trash to continue

In the most exciting news ever, The CW has confirmed that One Tree Hill will be back for a fifth season.

One Tree Hill is my guilty pleasure because the storylines are so unbelievably over the top but the characters are fabulous and their relationships are so well-written, plus there's the bromantic element between Chad Michael Murray and James Lafferty's characters of Lucas and Nathan Scott.

Anyway you may be thinking what has this go to do with DSTP? Well music has been a big part in the show's history and teenage character Haley James Scott ran off to be a rock star and toured with Michelle Branch etc but gave it up to save her marriage to star-basketball player Nathan. Now he's very hot, and while I wouldn't mind getting with him every night, I would so choose being a rockstar instead. Then there was Peyton who got it on with Pete from Fall Out Boy and put together an album to raise money for breast cancer (which was actually released as the vol 2 soundtrack to the show).

So to celebrate the renewal of this trashtastic teen soap please enjoy Haley James Scott's Halo.


Paul said...

i forgot to watch OTH after season 2 for some reason, but i need to go back and catch up on the dvds/illegal downloads. Hey it had Tyler Hilton as well :P

Proud said...

Well if you want the new season downloads (4) they're available at

user name is nathan and password is jersey23

Season three was a bit shot to be hoenst but #4 is trashtacular and Chris Kellar/Tyler Hilton makes a return

Adem IAR said...

The new season has been FAB has it not?!?! I have a completely non-sexual crush on Peyton so am relieved that nasty "brother" of hers is gone... Very excited hearing the news, hopefully the network will give the green light to a new series of Veronica Mars later in the year as well, though it's looking doubtful.

"Halo" is *such* a great guitar driven pop song, I could listen to it all day.

MaryCherry said...

Yes Miss Birdsworth, season 4 has been great, So unbelievably OTT!

Anonymous said...

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