Patrick Nuo is amazingly back again

Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE Patrick, but how the hell did he make it to a third album when the infinitely more successful Holly Valance and Rachel Stevens can't?

Only one of his songs, the infectious Beautiful, has ever made the top 10 anywhere (in both Austria and Switzerland). In fact in Germany where he's based, he's never even had a top 20 hit, and his last single Watchin' Over You missed the top 50. Yet amazingly he's about to release a new album unimaginatively titled Nuo, which must mean it's all deep and oh so personal. [After listening to it I can say this is not the case - it sounds just like his last stuff!]

I seriously think he must be sucking a lot of cock to allow this because it makes no sense! He's got a great voice, and a lot of great songs (see 5 Days, Undone, Gone) and he is without a doubt the most beautiful popstar in the history of the world ever, but he just doesn't sell records!

However that doesn't matter. Enjoy his new single Too Late which continues his run of flawless hits (we're gonna ignore the shit that was Girl In the Moon which was a well-deserved flop). And by hit, well it charted at #83 which makes Girl In the Moon seem like a hit in comparison but it was still shit.


Poster Girl said...


...and his chart record must be the greatest one ever--definitely the funniest! I really can't think of any other explanation for why he hasn't been dropped.

MaryCherry said...

It definitely is, although the Swiss one is slightly better but enough to keep a record deal?

5 Days #24
Reanimate #56
Beautiful #7

Welcome #72
Superglue #68

5 Days #23
Reanimate #18
Welcome (To My Little Island) #44 Undone #30
Girl In The Moon #20
Beautiful #9
Watchin' Over You #54

Welcome #11
Superglue #4

5 Days #24
Reanimate #22
Welcome (To My Little Island) #55 Undone #30
Girl In The Moon #38
Beautiful #33
Watchin' Over You #52
Too Late #83

Welcome #13
Superglue #29

PinkieDust said...

His chart record is awful!

Perhaps he's a kept boy ;-)

MaryCherry said...

He's married to a beautiful woman. Such a shame! Surely it's a cover up marriage, although he's very religious.

Or perhaps there are some unbelievably beautiful straight men makign good pop music?

Christopher said...

I think that "Welcome" is the best of the 3 albums, the later stuff especially "NUO" seems like he's just not bothering anymore!

Anonymous said...

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