ROBYN early review

On thursday Robyn arrived in Camden and took the stage with wild abandonment. Overlooking the famous canal, Dingwalls was rocked-popped to its foundations. The crowd waited outside venue at eight while Robyn herself sat in coffee shop preparing right next to them. When it was her time to enter she appeared from the darkness and kicked off with an amazing take on CobraStyle. Consisting of pure atomic energy, she then blasted into the dance monster of Crash and Burn Girl. I went with my Pop princess in crime Steve who shouted out "I love you Robyn" and she turned her head and replied with "I love you too, baby!". This fused into a rip roarings versions of Who's That Girl and Bum Like You. At Cargo she forgot the lyrics to Handle Me. Not this time. It was a tight ship tonight and it refused to hit any ice-bergs despite being as cool as snow.

The hyper string of songs exhausted the audience and after Konichiwa Bitches Robyn finally slowed down with her performance of Eclipse. Now, Eclipse is a bit of a favourite of mine so it was brilliant to see Robyn take on one of her hardest ballads she's recorded in her career. Considering Eclipse came half-way through the entire show, it proves Robyn has a type of energy that rivals a sun in transcendence. She danced the hardest, she sung the bestest and barely lost an ounce of composure. Her audience on the other hand were already dripping with sweat by the time Handle Me hit its second chorus.

With Eclipse done, she launched into Be Mine. The concert hall exploded and chanted the ode to emancipation with Robyn. When Robyn did the talky bits about the scarf she'd given her ex who'd given it to "Whats her name" a bunch of fans screamed out "BITTTTTTHHH!!!!" and Robyn smirked! Be Mine led into the current single With Every Heartbeat. With Every Heartbeat is a polemical song that requires restraint and a whole lot of emotion. As such it can be done dreadfully in another's hands. Robyn handles the gem with care and basks her vocals in the stunning Andreas Kleerup production. This song will be huge......

She left the stage but the audience refused to allow her go as we all screamed encore in Swedish. She came back and launched into two amazing performances of Keep This Fire Burning and Show Me Love. This was followed by Jack Me Off and an acoustic version of Be Mind. With that, she departed and sent up for the champaign.

The day afterwards she took to the stage at Wireless and ended the poptastic week with the chilled aftershow party at Sketch. Much loved up, Robyn leaves her audiences with a smile, content and yapping about the show afterwards. Thanks once again....

(I know she also performed Dream On but I can't quite remember where it came in the was amazing but I perhaps a bit fuzzy...)


Things coming up Robyn-wise: pictures of the amazing night, bits and pieces, random news and gossip!

Credits: Robyn, Steve, Grace, NileOn, DEF and Marlies!!

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With Every Heartbeat Video (new)


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It sounds amazing! I'm so jealous!

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