Tis that time once again!

I've been so busy lately but I'll try and keep this place going on through the summer months. Its going to be quite "abuzz" here in the coming days. Not only is there a continuation of "CatchyWeek" but DSTP will feature a very cute interview with the superstar that is Robyn!

I tried not to ask question
s that the girl has been asked before and did my best to make myself sound as geeky as ever but it worked out! She called me "babe" and we talked about Kylie and Robyn's next album! Stay very very very tuned!

This blog will also feature two very catchy acts and tracks that hail from Swedish shores. Both of which are going to be so hot it hurts! We are talking "phenomenal"....

I've been listening to a lost musical that my boyfriend magically transfered to Cd. The show featured my (lesbian) mum and was recorded on a tape that had withered away under the bed. The musical was simply put on by a girls-school in Finchley in North London and rivals some of the West End greats. Its over 25 years old and despite being written by one of Elvis Presley's key song-writers its digital-cyber existence is a bit of a non-starter. Its brilliant to hear sounds that were recorded in studio yet only recorded on five cassettes that don't exist bar mine. Its also quite odd to imagine that no one in the world has heard the songs for over twenty years while at the same time quite wonderful to think that the musical has been saved through the magic of digital archiving. Yes, the sound on the cassette made the digital form quite dodgy but I am so glad the music on the tape remains and will be enjoyed without further degradation. The musical was about schoolgirls defrauding companies on the London Stock Exchange and featured killer lines like "Am I not the main event?/would you vote me president?/can't you see i am really talking out of my bu/bumdididuBUM!". Considering it was a school musical, the quality of the songs and the vocals of the mere school teenagers is/are absolutely stunning...I will feature something soon.

GirlBand News

As expected The German nation secured another no.1 for girlband Monrose! Yes, the Danish hitmaster Remee has secured another smash hit single. The song is pretty much an international hit single with good chart positions in Austria (no.1), Finland, Switzerland and is racing up the European singles chart. Is this gonna be another case of the Euro no.1 not featured in the UK charts? Most probably.

Clea News: A number of pop songs have been recorded and the team are waiting on the delivery of some exciting stuff recorded by the duo before finally relaunching. Aimee is now sporting a killer bob!

Raen have their own TV network! Well, sort of! The Australian girlgroup have set up a Youtube feature that includes behind the scenes escapades of the up and coming girlband. The first episode features running around New York City, waiting in lines and after being disappointed when they don't win the "Broadway lottery" they go and gobble some brilliant Thai cuisine. They sing Gina G's Ooh Ahh...need I say more!

It just gets bad to worse with No Angels! They've picked the absolutely awful song Amaze Me as their follow-up to their flop single Maybe that charted somewhere around nowhere. Amaze Me is a cross between You Raise Me Up and Maybe mark II. When their album contains hit singles it saddens me that they are continuing to release really bad slow-tempo rock ballads. It worked with Goodbye To Yesterday but that charted well because it was the lead single. It would have never done as well as a third or fourth single. Girls, sort it out!

The "New Girls Aloud Single!!!!11111!!!!!!!!!!" fever took hold over most of the internet this week. Popjustice loves it while others feel its just left-over bits from other Girls Aloud albums. I am not still not sure about it. I've got a feeling Monrose, NKD, Shine4 and Lucky Twice have upped the standard for girlbands and that addictive Girls Aloud sound of 2001 was great back then but now other groups have eclipsed the fab-5. (see a performance of the new Girls Aloud song on the blog The International House Of Pussy which is linked below).


Mike of Poptrash
writes a very fascinating article on Olivia Newton-John. CheesyPopMusic died. As did PopMusicWorld. XO had some great Annie Lennox news. The amazing pop/rare/mp3 pop blog The International House of Pussy is a must. YouDon'tKnowPop explores the world of the pop b-side! Acerben and his Popunlimited features Vanessa Amorosi. PopPostergirl will most probably feature some very interesting pop music this week. Lets all remember the cheapness of Vanessa's first video for Absolutely Everybody. Poplicious features the wonderfulness that is Kate Ryan!

Although Paul of the Zapping has taken his blog on its summer holidays, the 16 year old Conor has entered the popblogworld with his brilliant site UltimateMusicWorld. His last act was the wonderful new Scouse girlband The Songbirds. I've got their debut album and its rather similar to Dolly Parton's BlueGrass creations. Bands on his blog include DSTP stars Caracola, BeFour, NKD and DSTP friends MissMatch so its probable we have similar tastes in music!-yay! There are also acts you might have never heard before such as the ace South African act Jamali. Conor welcome to planet pop!

*Next week-Robyn interview and more catchy pop music*


Anonymous said...

Here is the link to my blog incase anyone wants it lol =]

Robpop said...

:) thanks Conor

Trash Addict said...

I'm so excited that the Robyn interview went ahead! I can't wait to read what the holy one has to say!

PS. "Catchy Week" is making me drip!

Paul said...

robyn called you babe! hahaha how sweet. i look forward to reading it! And v excited about that musical story - how thrilling! Cool beans mr!

Jamie said...

Thanks for the mention Rob. I now feel well and truly loved ;-)

Anonymous said...

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