Dannii Minogue is an interesting individual. Some fans often argue that she's not always looked after in the best way by her various record companies. This post isn't about shortcomings and failures but I will add that its sad and simple fact which speaks for itself-by March 2008 it will be five years since Dannii produced a brand new studio album (the wonderful pop album Neon Nights).

Now she graces X Factor and people are beginning to wonder why she's there. What has she done that wasn't connected to sister? How can she be the judge of talented singers when she hasn't even had a number one single?

I'm not going to make this a fan piece about Dannii's, sometimes, chequered history. For sure, I like the girl but like the best of popstars shes had her bad days. I won't dwell on these moments because...why be negative? In fact, Dannii is probably the most talented person to sit and judge on other singers. Certainly more so than the creator of Westlife, Simon Cowell and Sharon Osbourne.

I come to this decision purely based on one single performance. Its of Dannii when she replaced Tina Arena and a song performed usually by Celine Dion. Playing the whore Esmerelda, Dannii Minogue took to the stage of the West End and saved the production from closing when it initially received a rough ride on its premier by reviewers. Wikipedia brushes aside Dannii's time in the huge musical as a mere footnote but Tina Arena's name and stay in the production could not keep bums on seats. It was Dannii that kept the show alive in London for longer than the critics had expected. Sadly, being a "replacement" the reviews of Dannii's time in the show are non-existent. However, Dannii's success with Notre Dame secured an extended run for the beleaguered musical.

So the song itself is actually pretty tragic. Its not the sort that usually perks the brow of Don't Stop The Pop. Still, to me however, Dannii's performance exposes those sparkles of pop running through her veins and moreover, the vocal ability to judge other singers. You simply can't get away with not being able to sing in a musical for two whole years. People would be demanding their tickets back if Dannii didnt have the talent. So, when detractors declare that Dannii's X Factor position is somehow based on her sister are evidently wrong. Dannii performed the belter of a song for 6 nights for months and this alone Dannii demands her dues.....


Trash Addict said...

Dannii is the queen of pop. End of.

Anonymous said...

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