SOCCX HOLD ON Exclusive album review Track by Track Review

Soccx Hold On: released 26th of November

Soccx are about to launch themselves in France with the single Scream Out Loud released next month as the parent album Hold On follows shortly afterwards. To say DontStopThePop has been looking forward to this girlband release is an understatement and after many listens, I can acutely proclaim that Hold On is triumph! So here is my thoughts, track by track, on their album. In short, its tad wonderful! Or as they say over in France c'est merveilleux et j'espère que l'album aie beaucoup de succès!


This includes sirens, throbbing baselines and is a bit of a dancefloor confessional. The vocals are distorted to the max. This song is good. This could be a possible single and has the potential to be a huge hit in the US. Includes a ridiculous electro melody backed-up by a hip-hop drumline which reinforces the notions that Soccx are a bunch of pop addicts. Nice! DontStopthePop Rating: 4.9

Scream Out Loud Radio Version

I hear no difference between the club version (see below) and this mix. However it is somewhat different to the single version you've got on the CD singles. If that makes any sense! DontStopthePop Rating: 5

Kisses In The Wind

Ok this is one of the best songs of the album. Its a slow track but its brilliant. Its a sweet ballad that makes you wanna hold your paramour. This takes you back to your first love and has a ring of Swedish Eurovision about it. Confusing you? Sorry! Just imagine Kylie's Fragile mixed in with Ola's Who I Am and S Club 7's Two In A Million and you've got the vibe of Kisses In The Wind. This song is so catchy the hooks overflow into the next song forcing you to click repeat on your mp3/cd player the moment song finishes. You'll be repeating the chorus over and over. It has some brilliant instrumentalisation (a wonderful use of the xylophone for example) and streamlined vocals from the girls make it a clear future single. DontStopthePop Rating: 5

It Takes Two

The girls continue the slow groove and this song reminds me when the Spice Girls got Naked and '2 Became 1' on their debut album Spice. Its not one of the strongest songs on the album yet its cute and breezy. DontStopthePop Rating: 3

Without Eye Contact

Ooooh, now thats a bit better! The girls scream out loud that they will "shake their tails" and this is so Spinning Around it makes you get out those gold hotpants you've not used since 2000. There is certainly a 70's Sister Sledge vibe to Without Eye Contact but the lyrics are all about having yummy lovin' "front to back". Only they wanna "do it without eye contact" and this will be completed by "bringing out the Cristal". It seems Soccx get nasty when they've got a bit of bubbly down their necks. This sounds a bit like a cross between Stop by the aforementioned Spice Girls and Janet's Throb. As such its a winning song and is the best on the album. Feather boa? Flairs? Purple sequined boob-tube? Expensive drinkies? You've got Without Eye Contact summed up. DontStopthePop Rating: 5

Last Warning

The introduction is all spooky. This gives Danity Kane a real run for their money. The electrobeats on Last Warning are so hardcore you feel like it should be wrapped up in a brown paper bag. This could be the twin sister of their songs Addict and Scream Out Loud except without stomping vocals from the band. Instead, Last Warning is something that would fit quite nicely on any Timbaland produced album. DontStopthePop Rating: 4.9

Another Girl

Oooh, this is so cute. It reminds me a bit of the vocal effects used in that Akon track that pissed all over the charts a few years ago. Only Soccx keep Another Girl controlled and theres no novelty aspect to Another Girl. Its a slowie but its actually very catchy. The likes of Agnes Carlsson and Ricki-Lee would love this entire album but they'd surely make a big deal over Another Girl. DontStopthePop Rating: 4.2

Bye Bye Baby

This is a b-side from From Dusk Till Dawn so you should know it. This version is slightly, and i stress slightly, touched up with some more beats and electro beats. DontStopthePop Rating: 4.2

Get A Taste

Starts off "hey boy-why you looking all scared...I wont bite!". You think its a string/ballad sort of track but it couldn't be further removed from a slowie. This song has been on the Soccx website for ages as the introduction to the girls and their names. The introduction might make you ignore it at first. However, its one of the most interesting songs on the album. Its amazing, brilliant and sinister. You feel as if you've entered a particular opium den where the soundtrack is produced by the first Empress of India, the Neptunes (before they sold out) and a touch of nu-Bollywood. It finishes with the rather rude lyric that refuses to finish its conclusion. A sort of climax that surreally literally leaves Soccx speechless. This song could be huge in the US if the girls released it there. DontStopthePop Rating: 5

From Dusk Till Dawn

Finally a disco song! From Dusk Till Dawn could easily break the girls in the UK if released here. You guys should know this as it was the second single in Germany. DontStopthePop Rating: 5

Its So Hard To Do The Right Thing

You remember those slowish songs on those Christian Milian, Stacie Orrico and Christina Aguilera albums? Well this is so like those that you barely notice the song. I hate to say it but this song screams album filler so much so that you actually find yourself wondering whether you've filled in your tax returns thats before the girls even get to the chorus. This could be on the 3rd album of the American girlband Dream but seems out of place here. Very good vocals though. DontStopthePop Rating: 1

Hold On

Repeatly starts of with Gina G's famous refrain "just a little bit" which surely is a good sign. Another disco/dance song on the same stratosphere of From Dusk Till Dawn but throw in strange tribal beats, claps and uplifting lyrics. This track might not be a single track but its the strongest song on the album. Only cos its so strange and different you'll find nothing out there like their title track (which explains why its the title track). This song is genre-busting in that it refuses to categorized and neatly boxed-in. You think its rnb but then it turns into a brilliant club song and then I feel a bit of flamenco thrown in to really mess it up. This song needs to be heard to believed. You know the amazing title track by Sugababes Change? Well, this is somewhat like this. Only poppier and lot more wackier. This song is dramatic, a bit like doing the tango, passionate, trashy, classy and simply kooky. I love it! DontStopthePop Rating: 5

Bonus Track: Scream Out Loud Club Version

Perhaps this should be best described as the album version. And the difference to the radio mix that you have on your CDs? Not much. A bridge about "tasting honey" is slightly longer. Also no rap and nor strange "vespa" sound-effects. Still, one of the most best pop songs by a girlband in recent months. Scream Out Loud manages to dip its in fingers in electro, rnb and hip hop. This song knows its acutely catchy and absolutely owns the dancefloor. DontStopthePop Rating: 5.0

Hold On has taken some time to release but its well worth the wait. Its far more original and interesting than fellow other European girlbands (shakes me fists at L5, Monrose and No Angels!). If you wanted an album that followed in the footsteps of Hot Summer by Monrose then Hold On is just for you. To be sure, its low on pure pop songs like its first two lead singles but with only one filler Hold On is a fucking brilliant album! For a girlband faced with rumours of line-up "issues" and other set-backs, Soccx deserve to do really well with this CD. You can hear sweat and the vocals are pretty much flawless. Kisses in the Wind stands out as one of 2007's sweetest pop songs and despite being a ballad it will actually have you dancing. Hold On, the title track, is odd, confused and brilliantly disruptive. Soccx have clearly defied all the odds, stood their ground, followed their dreams and released an album that shows up their nearest rivals. Pass them the bubbly!

Singles: Scream Out Loud, From Dusk Till Dawn.
Songs that Should be Future Singles: Kisses In The Wind, Without Eye Contact, Addict & Get A Taste.
Stand Out Song: Hold On

Released: 26.11.2007

Preview it Here: Soccx (French Myspace)
Soccx Official Website (France)
Amazon France
Soccx Offical Website (Germany)


Danny said...

Have Nicole and Claude definitely left the band? As there is no mention of it on any of their sites - and the album cover still has all 5 members on it!

Sounds like a good album though - will def have to buy it, From Dusk Till Dawn is ace, and the song sampling Gina G sounds interesting!

Robpop said...

Hi, Danny!

Re Members: Its odd isnt it. The CD has all 5 members. Vocally too, its all 5. I just got a promo so doesnt say much.

Reclarification of the Gina G bit...its not a sample. Just the same lyrics. The album is not poppy as one might expect. Its defiantly rnb+electro. Its like a pussycat doll album but only better, more original and purely by design European. I am sure the producers are Swedish.

Another comparison might be made with the Swedish band Excellence when they released We Can Dance.

Anonymous said...

Hey this is the girls from Soccx (forreals its us) someone sent us this link we wanted to say thanks for the great review. Its so interesting to hear what people think of our album. Since its not released yet this is the first review we have read and it really put a smile on our faces. oh and btw if you saw us perform So Hard live you might change your opinion of it ;)

Much Love, SOCCX

Gisi said...

Great review!! ;)
Can I ask you if you have the lyrics of the songs??? Because I've been searching them and I don't find them anywhere!
Would be fantastic if you have them!
Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

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