WHATFOR Qui manquent à tes rêves.......

While the world is celebrating the brilliance of Britney, Dannii, Girls Aloud and so on, I thought I'd take a little moment to celebrate the French band Whatfor. Their first single Plus Haut was a hit but like many popbands formed from a reality TV show, the public went cold after the debut single, ignored the second single and the album vanished. However, Whatfor were perhaps the first and only camptastic mixed-gender band France has ever had. You get whiffs of Steps, Hear'say, S Club and of course the Young Divas. Why the last comparison? Well Whatfor were simply so poptastic that you could imagine the Australian girlband covering most of their material on their 2nd album (whenever that comes!). The significance of their first single Plus Haut (a number one in France) is that it might have been the only moment in France's recent chart history where a bubblegum pop band soared to the top of the charts. As you can see, its legacy is secured amongst the many youtube many Plus Haut "tributes" which you can check out if you really have the inclination and the time. This one is brilliant!

So what happened next? Well this is a bit difficult for me to extrapolate as I am no French speaker but they were dropped six months after the album flopped. This despite the fact that the second single was written by Swedish icon Carola (the song was also recorded, and bettered, by Rosa Lopez of Spain in 2006). Trust the Spanish to take a Swedish song and make it better! Like their first single, the cover too has received the "DIY-Youtube Tribute" treatment (see it here-i think this ones actually quite good)

In 2004, two of Whatfor's singers (Cyril et Erika) created a new band called Everton. Suddenly guitars were brought in and silly dance routines were unceremoniously chucked out! Nicholas Vitiello came out and released the brilliant cover of the discotastic 80's anthem Chercher Le Garcon under the name "Nicholas O".

He later then starred in many successful TV shows, films and on stage won brilliant reviews in the French take on Love! Valour! Compassion (this clip includes a nude Nicholas and some very raunchy moments from the stage show). I highly recommend the purchase of Nicholas O's single for it includes an amazing b-side called Tout N'est Pas Perdu which you can hear here. He is currently a successful comedian.....

After Everton did there thing, Erika dusted herself down, rejected offers to join a German girlgroup and released her album, parts of which you can here and here. Cyril went all boring and is now touring France with his soul, guitar and philosophy. Check out the elevator music here.

No, I am being too harsh. Cyril has simply gone all acoustic and in his new band (named Selli") he's having medium success! Shows at the Zenith no less. Thats the same place Kylie did her Showgirl tour so its pretty big. If you check out this clip you'll certainly hear he's got a good voice that deserves to be heard. His cover of My Girl is very sweet. And to the last member: Monia? Sadly I have no idea!

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Poster Girl said...

Too weird! Only yesterday I was listening to their "L'amour n'a pas de loi" and trying to decide if I should buy the album! Any boy-and-girl group that covers "A Kiss Goodbye" and is disco-tastic surely has good material of their own, I thought. So is the album worth getting? I haven't ordered it yet, but I very nearly did.

I guess both of us listening to Ninja has put us on the same mental wavelength ;)

Paul said...

my album arrived from france today! that has got to be a record!!!

Chris A said...

Whatfor actually had a 3rd single in the pipeline which was going to be "amis-amants". This is alos on their album although not listed on the tracklist. Why not? Because it's a hidden track! The beauties, they gave us an extra bonus :) There was also a version of their album that came with a special limited edition "livret collector", a collectors booklet which was about the same size as the cd case itself, lots of pages, lots of background info on the group and loads of pictures too :)

Anonymous said...

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