International Album of the Year

The nominations are

Miranda! – El Disco tu Corazon,
Lucky Twice – Young & Clever
Miss Match – Just Push Play
Margaret Berger – Pretty Scary Silver Fairy
Marta Sanchez – Miss Sanchez
Ricki-Lee Coulter – Brand New Day

Winner: Just Push Play by MissMatch (Sweden)

MissMatch Speech:

“Is there a cooler nomination!?! We don’t think so anyway and it’s almost impossible to express the feeling of winning it!! Also it’s such a huge honour when we compete with all this Poptastic albums! We have to thank all of you who has “pushed play”!! Hopefully your bumps have shaken over and over again, and your heads have realized that a Missmatch can actually be much more fulfilling than being perfect :)

What a year!! We started of with our debut in the biggest Music-show in Sweden. Then touring with the first single to so many great cities and meeting such great fans! Then recording our new video and now releasing single number 2. To top that off, we now win not only one but TWO of the coolest awards ever! Crazy! Thank god that Bobba Pop and this blog exist! It’s made for all of us that want pop to inspire our lives. It has also made sure that people all over Europe has got to know MissMatch!!

Of course we can’t forget to thank all of you boys that we have met through the years, because you are our best source of inspiration… Hi hi! So to all of you guys out there, come and pay MissMatch a visit and who knows, it might be you that we write about in our next hit single!! :)

We can promise you all that we are going to make much more music and we hope that you will love it as much as this. We are determined to - Don..t Stop the Pop!! Love á la MissMatch"


Christine said...

They are amazinlgy good and sweet!
The album is just as popfantastic as they called it!!
Where can I here more about them?
Christine, Denmark

Adem With An E said...

Oh I am pleased Ricki-Lee didn't win, her album really rubbed me up the wrong way (too many slow-jams...) but I honestly seem to be the only person on the internet who was upset by it!

Anonymous said...

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