WOW! There is so much pop I wanna talk about at the moment. Its making me all wheezy. Originally I wanted to feature some another act but then this landed on my popdesk (that exists in my mind!-i don't I have a popdesk). But I wish I did! Suddenly Lene pipped the post and took priority. Her album, "Welcome to Sillycone Valley" is a wonderful pop album of Norwegian wit & comes with the cult singles "My Boobs Are Okay" and "Hot Boy Hot Girl".

It contains glorious pop songs like "Catfight" that essentially puts the girlpower legends Spice Girls and Shampoo to shame! Lene channels her inner Eminem and comes up with the wonderful line "better step off-i am about to let go-breaka couple of nails-pull the weave out ya dome". Dome=head. Don't you see? Its dreamy! Then comes the schlager pop electrolush track "Sugar Daddy" dedicated to the story of, say ooh Anna Nicole-Smith? Imagine her life-story put to the brilliant disco beats of Kylie's best pop moments. Again, let me direct you to the lyrics of the bridge: "sometimes he's away because of his business trips-and then i miss, miss miss miss-but i am so lucky to have a pool boy to kiss kiss kiss to-[insert sound of poolboy groaning]".

Yes. Its high camp but its distinctly tongue-in-cheek and deeply ironic. It also paints a picture of society. As such, its a highly intellectual piece of pop music. You can totally see why I just had to allow Lene take priority position. A part of me wishes she could be the next President of Europe. Or simply enter Lene next year? We should all enter Lene! She'd love it. For Eurovision '08. Bring Lene to the UK now!

Anyway, next on the Cd is the her glorious cover of the girlband classic "Nasty Girl". The Vanity6 monster anthem was recently covered by Inaya Day but Lene's version completely out-nastifies all versions in existence. She wants her inches and she aint too shy to proclaim her size-queen lust. People of Dontstopthepop, buy this album! Its brilliant! Her "Sexy Wonderland" takes you back to Ace of Base's brilliant ode to Motown "Always Have, Always Will" while "I'm Just A Tease" evokes Britney back when she was still drinking her soda pop. Except the fun only starts when she "shakes [her] tit-tit-tities".

So today, Dontstopthepop is very proud to feature Lene and her brilliant "Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me" which is available on this site as an exclusive legal download. Yes! Its all legal+with full permission. So, go show your thanks, love and help Lene buy some more Cavalli handbags & buy the album. You can buy it here (through CDon) AND here (where you can also hear it!!).

Go Buy It/Official Site

Coming Up: Pop from Japan and something special from Sweden.


Robpop said...

Just wanted to add...that i hope you all like...i think her version is far better than Tata Young's!

K said...

Thank you so much. I've heard the clips on the internet and they sound brilliant. I much prefer this version of Sexy+Naughty! I will buying the album on my next pay day. Thank you


tommie said...

I quite like the album - it's a relief to have an artist that's just taking the piss.

And her version of Vanity 6's Nasty Girl isn't too bad, even if it can't compare to the original (of course).

Complete guilty pleasure!

Bollinger Bolshevik said...

Oh my god - Vanity6's Nasty Girl is a great song and I'm sure Lena will do it justice. I'm sold already!

D'luv said...

I love this broad!! I've got a post on her coming soon, too!

PaulDigi said...

Thanks for this. Bought the album

Bjorn Staerk said...

This is so cheeky. I really like Tata Young's version but this is a lot better. I think as its Lene and what we know of Lene she adds so much of tongue and cheek to the song itself & makes it funnier. Thank you very much! Hopefully it will be a success in the charts.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

she was a part of the norwegian eurovision national final this year actually, but shame she didn't win, and shame she didn't pick her best song to enter the final. Then she would have won!

James said...

Absolutely anon. The peeps picked the wrong song. I love Sugar Daddy. I can't wait for the Cd to arrive. Thanks DSTP.

Robpop said...

Cheeky indeed and she so pays tribute to the spirit of Vanity 6! Her album is nothing but tongue in cheek. And I love it. Perhaps a wrong song to send to Eurovision considering the brilliance on the rest of the album! I've been promised Sugar daddy as the next single!!!

Anonymous said...

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