Miss Blue By Vincent

While I listening to one of my favourite radio stations in the world (ever!) Rix Fm, a certain sung began to play. Its title was Miss Blue. No, not a dedication to Margaret Thatcher but instead a wonderful pop song by Vincent. Who hails from....yes you guessed correctly: Sweden! The song is about a rather impatient man who pines for his girlfriend to arrive or something like that. He demands something even if its quite late and ultimately confesses that "sorry but I can't wait". Now my dirty mind read that to mean he wants a bit of loving which given his yummy Swedish ruffian looks shouldn't be a problem usually. Still, its the song I wish to talk about not the rather rude tone that I have read into it. Miss Blue is a great little banger of a pop song. Those brilliant backing vocals are what nail the song for me. I find myself chiming in like I'm the lost backing singer as the chorus leads in the "whoooooooo" parts. Ahem.

If those over at BMG are at all clever when it comes with album of the British X-Factor winner Leon they'll mimic the sound of Vincent who has managed that enviable ability to cross genres without loosing any the pop sensibilities that you'll certainly hear ooze out of Miss Blue. The current and second single, Don't Hate On Me, saw him run through Sweden, throw a ring in the air, grow a beard and befriend lots of male friends. As one does. Kooky indeed! Alas given my love for Robyn and her weird videos Vincent ticks all the DSTP boxes. His album is a mixture of Tyler James, Robbie Williams, Ska, Amy Diamond and Vincent. I highly recommend it.


Poster Girl said...

I don't know why, but I would NEVER have expected Vincent to pop up here! Like I said, I really don't know why--as you say, you're on record as liking Tyler James (and there are even little electro touches in "Miss Blue")!

Anyway, totally agree with you about Rix FM, "Don't Hate On Me," and "Miss Blue" (fantastic--it'd be so exciting if it got some international attention). I love some of Vincent's songwriting work as well(the Amanda Jenssen single, Danny's "If Only You"). I just love that he's Roger Pontare's son for some reason, too. So random and unexpected. I just really want to know what growing up in that household was like, I think.

Anyway, great post, as usual!

Anonymous said...

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