I am speechless. If you thought Charlotte, Carola Linda and Therese were amazing pop diva's you'd be incredibly wrong. Monica Naranjo's is an epic like no other. A full six minutes long, Europa is a bit rocky, a bit James Bond (Shirley Bassey darlings!) and Mozart! Elements of opera are gloriously interwoven into Monica's soaring voice. You feel the pain. You feel it rush through your veins. Its been years since Monica released a new album and she know hows to return. She completely upstages her French, English and Scandinavian fellow divas. The first few minutes of Europa is pure polemic and it slowly evolves into a dance song. It is grand on the Louis XIV scale. It is an ode to the Sun King of France. It is absolute hyperbole. It requires its own red carpet as it descends from its private jet. Its rather rare that you'll hear electrotrash, electronica, club, dance, classical baroque, and opera in just one song. Its a brave step to make which only Monica could make. Is she securing her position as la casta diva of the pop world? La divina of the pop female icon? This certainly sounds like it.

Coming up: More great pop from where? Spain and perhaps something wonderful from Sweden!


Pop Spotlight said...

Amazing. Glad to hear something new from her.

Robpop said...

I know! Totally not what i was expecting. Very "large"

Artist26 said...


What else can you expect from Monica she is great and a muse to an artist like myself. She's very close and this is just a taste of what's to come.

Anonymous said...

Yes shes back and what a way to do so!!!

Anonymous said...

when is her new single released in the usa? ive been calling every were and they dont know and havent heard of it or her? im list omg what ur kidding me... so if some one can please tell me if this album dates are only for spain or other countries.. ireally want her album

Anonymous said...

this is THE best song ever... wow.. it gave me chills.. the way it starts and evolves into a dance song.. i don't even know what she is saying.. but i can feel it.. just WOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

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