Ok so Dontstopthepop doesnt usually do this sort of thing but hey Jasmine is a very special singer. Her slice of pop music is so yummy you snap the gastric band in two and gobble it all up despite its calorie content. When I first heard her music on her myspace player was absolutely taken aback. This wasn't just great music but absolutely great music. The icing on the icing on the icing on the cake. She knows her pop too. She's written for Kylie, Monrose, Electrovamp, RBD, worked with pop idols and of course toured with Nelly Furtado!

Right, she has a little shindig that promises to be really something special in London on the 23rd of July which is a Wednesday. Yes its a school night but there are really cool things lined-up! I sadly can't make it but I so wish I could! Damn overbooking! I'm actually off to see the Wizard of Oz opening on that night at the Royal Festival Hall. Those ruby slippers got the best of me.

But, if it finishes early enough I will jump into a taxi and get myself over to The Paradise in Kensal Green in London. What has she got planned? A pretty impressive set performing all her amazing pop anthems and unique meet and greet after the show itself. Not only that but theres lots of other things planned which I'm not at liberty to say at the moment but its amazing. It will be a fun fun fun night & I totally wish I could make it. I would definitely recommend you make it. Why? Cos when shes massive next year you can say "yeah-i saw Jasmine yonkkkkkkks ago-we even shared a fine bottle of chianti after the gig". If that doesn't lure you, there'll be fabulous music, great dj's, disco dancing and the stars will undoubtedly shine bright on the night of the 23rd of July sooooooo go! Theres nothing greater than dancing to very tasty fresh pop...

The finer details:
Jasmine's myspace
Time: 23rd of July
Where: Paradise by way of Kensal Green
Where?: Kensal Green
Website? TheParadise
Streetmap: W10 4AE
Dontstopthepop first interview with Jasmine

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