I love the girlband Via Gra/Nu Virgos. Loved them for some time now. They were number 35 in DSTP's run down of girlbands two years ago. Anyway, they released their english album last year and I've been meaning to write about it ever since. It contained, L.M.L, which is one of the most played tracks on my ipod. L.M.L stands for Lucky My Lunacy which must be praised for its absurdity as well as its obtuseness. The song itself is irresistible. The middle French-bit is a tad classic and the poetic lyric "Fly to the ocean, dressed in twilight" is absolutely dreamy. The writers take the track to epic heights when the kids come in to sing the last chorus which is both chilling and pop gold. Perhaps the best use of a choir boys since Take That's Never Forget. If I was a pop producer I'd ensure all pop albums contained one song with a middle eight that consisted of French bits, interwoven metaphores that are more Georges Bataille and Billy Shakespeare than your typical pop lyric and a choir to round things off.

The video is quite polemic as well (see above). We have planet earth, nuclear explosions, asteroids, spinning chairs, showgirls on an alien surface, amazing special effects and the all important yet rather spookey soldier boys singing at the end. Naturally epic! Via Gra/Nu Virgos originally hailed from Ukraine but with the many member changes they're all Russian nowadays. They've had over 11 eleven members! Kinda puts Sugababes to shame really. If you like the video for L.M.L check out their amazing performance of the same song below in Ukraine. It was stunning. Note to the BBC, if Britain is ever going to get any points these days they should consider getting the girls of Nu Virgos/Via Gra on board to represent Britain. Why? Well they are huge in Russia and most parts of Eastern Europe and they are actually quite amazing on stage. For evidence just see the video below.

BBC...cough up the money and pay for know its the right thing to do.


kevin (ru) said...

A beautiful review, Rob. They deserve it all. Actually, the Via Gra lineup have been already changed a number of times since this video. Check also the original Russian version, though it misses French bits and child choir.

Also, the idea about BBC is right. Selecting Nu Virgos would be the proper choice and top 10 guarantee.

Robpop said...

Yes! Olga left didnt she! Now its Tatiana, Meseda and Albina. I like the original russian version. But the English version has those extra elements that make it wonderful.

Would Nu Virgos do it though? It would be so cool if the BBC did manage to get them though.

Chris said...

I love this band. They're better than most girlbands in the pop world, actually. Pisses all over Sugababes, Serebro, Danity Kane and Monrose in my opinion. "LML", "Okean I Tri Reki", "Brillianty" and "Bomba" are easily up there with Girls Aloud's best singles. "Seichas Ili Nikogda", "Stop, Stop, Stop" and "Spasibo Za Leto" are amazing as well.

My only contact with their music has been through the internet, and my year without a computer (from May 2007 to May this year) has resultet in me totally missing the fact that they've released an album in English. Madness. I have to track that down IMMEDIATELY! I overplayed the Russian version of "LML" back in 2006 but the English version has made me fall in love with the song all over again. I've already played the video you posted five times! Thanks Rob!


Anonymous said...

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