I must thank the musician David Swinburn showing me Cloetta Paris and their pure stardust amazingness. Ever since, I’ve fallen deeply in love with their distinct pop. Bristled with electro synths, the Swedish twosome release music that refers to a weird concoction of the synth pioneers Pierre Laurency, Tony Carey and Syrinx, contain pop traits you hear quite a lot in J-Pop and oddly LuckyTwice. Its no wonder the other Swedish band are in their top friends on C-P’s myspace. Their music pays tribute to Erasure, A-HA and Yazoo but its groundbreaking without being too locked into 1980’s. Deeply routed in the future.

Annie of Norway is left to the margins by the body of work presented Cloetta Paris. To be sure, there are similarities between the two but Cloetta Paris shows the Norwegian songstress how to do what she is doing only a lot better.

Returning to their myspace you can download a number of tracks which is ever so generous. Including a rather poptastic cover of St.Elmo’s Fire. Some might recall another similarity to the Swedish collective Zeigeist but the vocals of that band were a tiny bit shoddy for me. And Zeigeist were a trying a bit too hard to be “out there” for my liking. A bit too “zany/Bjork/coffeetable book” if you get me. Cloetta Paris on the otherhand are squarely aimed at the pop generation & have a tremendous amount of soul and love in their music something of which a lot of electropop sometimes lacks.

Take their Secret Eyes. It’s a lovely soft yet pulsating pop song that’s both heartfelt and dreamily effervescent. Or the song Young Girls In Town which you can hear on their debut record. Its clearly the song that Annie or Sally Shapiro should be releasing. The soft vocals aren’t too waif-like or thin and the blocks of electro synth backed by a vocoder do not malign the singers voice. It’s a brilliant balance electro, dance and pop and even comes with a key change towards the end. If I ever did a star ranking system on dontstopthepop, Cloetta Paris would get enough to rival the Milky Way. Highy highly recommended…..

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Paul said...

I like them! The guy looks like someone i used to um, do stuff with in university so that's a plus. I'm not sure they leave Annie in the margins though - her new album is fantastic!! Nice to see Paleday/Golddiggers or whatever popping up on other blogs. You groundbreaker you!

Robpop said...

The guy is cute. I love them.
I haven't heard the new album-still need to buy it! Eak! So i am basing my comparison all on her previous work which i find a tiny bit lacking. Still though, if i find the new album (Don't stop) completely and utterly wowzah I shall be more than happy to do a u-turn with regards to Annie. One person told me its "meh" while you and PPG have been the polar opposite. I can't wait to hear it for myself. The anticipation is running high......

I can't get "Cry Just A Little Bit" out of my head. Even the little donks it has.

Anonymous said...


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